At B2C Solutions, we are strong believer in Human Capital and each of us should have the best. The same reasons we invest in Recruitment Intelligence for you. In the era of Digital disruption, the people we work with matters more than ever. B2C is a top outsourcing / staffing company in Qatar that helps businesses find staffing / outsourcing solutions. Let us help you find the right people to succeed!

While searching the best for you, we put ourselves in your shoes, we communicate in details to understand the fitness rather than just asking the standard questions. We understand, every resume is a story and not just a skill mentioned on papers. It’s the attitude, the inspiration, the efforts, the learning, the growth, and the dreams. The search is always for better life, Better Culture, Better team.

Let the experts worry for you. Let B2C Solutions find you the best, while you can manage other very important things. Due to wide exposure to the market, we have all the latest news, Developments, current affairs in the industry we are recruiting for. This research enables us to guide you through entire process, advising you of any changes that might affect your process to save you huge amount and time while branding your company to reach out to many more potential candidates.

This recruitment intelligence, built up on the job, is priceless. There’s no substitute for experience.



There’s more to a person than a resume or a set of skills. People bring a collection of their skills, passions and experiences to every new job. Whether you are looking for permanent or contract opportunities, Aerotek can connect you with a great career opportunity that’s just right for you.


Twenty-first century business demands agility. Our model allows us to be responsive to your unique needs – supporting short-term contract requirements, providing contract-to-hire talent for project-based support with the option to hire the contractors as permanent employees, or finding the permanent top talent your company needs today.