We offer Career Counseling as a professional service to enhance your personal growth. We provide useful support to your professional career by focusing on the development of your strengths and your ability to make decisions about your life.

Our approach includes continuous support throughout the process in order to create a stable and lasting relationship.

We rely on the experience of our consultants to develop a personalized career development plan together with you to meet your needs and identify goals and steps you need to take to achieve them.

Our counseling service includes the following steps:

  • Professional career analysis
  • Balancing of skills
  • Understanding of your desires, values and professional interests
  • Identification of elements that motivate or discourage you in the workplace
  • Understanding of the impact of a change of role or cultural environment
  • Preparation of a self-marketing and effective contact plan
  • Strategy for searching for new work opportunities
  • Research activities
  • Plan progress status monitoring

Our Process to hire

Research says, 70% of our adult life goes in working. Why not make the most of it while we are at it. Spojiti’s is expert in employee engagement. What we do the best is inform you thoroughly on the whole process of hiring. At every step we are equally involved with you as much as you are in your next career decision.

We provide you the options of multiple opportunities to choose from with all of Fortune 100 or 500 clients. We guide you on perfect presentation of your skills on your profile. Help you make your resume your own brand. We suggest on how to prepare for the interview as per the client you are applying for as we have the insights of all our clients. Their culture, there vision, their mission, the existing team and working styles. On your behalf, we proactively follow up to the managers you interviewed with to get the feedback as soon as possible. We constantly communicate on the updates on the hiring development with the team to not make sure you are aware of the next step.

Once you start your new Job, we would be constantly in touch with you to understand you getting aligning well with your new team, as we understand being new it would be difficult for you to reach out to your manager if there is some feedback you would like provide, we become your ear and thoughts for you.

For us the old school formula still stands as priority – A happy customer brings more customers.


Consult with us to make an informed career decision or to hire an perfect fit for your company.