Plumbers And Maintenance Staff Outsourcing In Qatar Is Fast And Easy With B2c

On 23 Jun 2021

Plumbers And Maintenance Staff Outsourcing In Qatar Is Fast And Easy With B2c

The plumbing and maintenance services continue to thrive in Qatar. Currently, hotels and corporate establishments offers the largest number of job opportunities in Doha for these workers. The healthcare industry also shows the fastest growth in employing new employees who are skilled in the field.

Workers who are highly trained in pipework and building or household furnishings are usually employed by commercial establishments, such as hotels, hospitals, and nursing facilities.

They stand responsible for maintaining the functionality of the machinery, appliance, or equipment. They are required to work long hours with constant standing and exposure to various chemicals. And, they must be employed in the position that they must possess physical stamina. 

For the maintenance or utility staff with basic tasks, no formal education proves necessary for hiring consideration, as they receive on-the-job training. 

B2C Solutions is a staffing agency in Doha that enlists only the best candidates who qualify to work as plumbers and maintenance professionals.

The company meets every candidate face-to-face and checks their abilities, references, and work licenses. All are picked for their commitment and dedication towards their job responsibilities.

From an understanding of your needs and the applicants, this leading outsourcing service in Qatar picks the best plausibility for the particular position, hunting down the science to ensure a perfect match.

Here’s how B2C team of expert recruiters can help your company outsource for potential candidates:

✔ Provides professional and helpful advice

B2C has years of experience in recruitment. It offers advice and treats every inquiry professionally and fairly.

✔ Offers quality not quantity

This recruitment agency hopes to build up a good relationship with your firm and the kind of individual and capacities that would suit your company. It saves your beneficial time by shortlisting only the most qualified candidates.

✔ Checks candidates

Given its huge experience in the market, this manpower outsourcing specialist carefully checks applicants, their background, skills and attitude towards work.

✔ Searches for unique CVs

Not only do our CVs set out candidates’ career histories yet they also contain isolates from their supervisors’ references, the delayed consequences of our quick reference checks and our comments on their aptitudes and personalities.

✔ Give quick response

B2C has a broad database of screened candidates and it can cater to anything you need or based on the job descriptions for your vacant roles.


✔ Has a wide range of staff

This agency enlists the staff it can recruit for you. It makes it a point that all selected candidates have related work experience to the positions you are looking for.

✔ Shares employment advice

The recruitment team of B2C offers free advice on central business matters and employee staffing. It significantly recommends Staff tax to deal with your fund.

✔ Ensures aftercare

B2C endeavors to stay in touch with the clients and candidates, ensuring that the service required is met.

Salary and Benefits

According to, On average, a Plumber employed by hotels, hospitals, and the like typically receives around 5,030 QAR per month. Salaries range from 2,370 QAR (lowest) to 7,950 QAR (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Meanwhile, an early career Maintenance Technician or simply a Maintenance Staff with 1-4 years of experience, earns an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of QAR 3,000 to QAR 6,000, depending on skills and previous work experiences.

Though duties and responsibilities of maintenance workers overlap with the responsibilities of plumbers, individuals holding the position usually have additional obligations, as well.

On top of regularly assisting in the office or household duties, maintenance workers may be asked to pick up and drop off things, clean large appliance properties, and more. 

Compensation depends greatly on whether the worker classifies as temporary staff or holds a contract with a company.

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