Hire Baristas And Food Servers With An Expert Outsourcing Service In Qatar

On 06 Jul 2021

Hire Baristas And Food Servers With An Expert Outsourcing Service In Qatar

Where do you find a good restaurant employee in Doha? Many employers have already partnered with an outsourcing service in Qatar to reach out to potential applicants in the increasingly competitive Food and Beverage (F&B) industry. So, why can’t you?

Recruitment agencies like B2C Solutions will help you hire faster – whether you're hiring a chef, cook, server, barista, waiter, host, bartender, or other restaurant positions.

Want to hire temporary staff? B2C can help you find you a solution round-the-clock. It has built a company around its passion – people, food and service. It helps keep the industry ticking by providing essential coverage during peak service periods or when regular staff members call in sick.

When you’re looking for people to wrap, pack, stack and distribute, create and prepare or greet and serve, B2C can supply temporary or permanent staff. It knows who you need and it has the workforce to support you.

Connecting experienced staff with quality hospitality positions, B2C recruits talented and experienced restaurant staff for your business. This professional recruitment company in Doha continues to set new standards in hospitality staffing with a passion for quality F&B production and service.

B2C provides hospitality operators with unmatched staffing flexibility, performance, and reliability. Its expert team of recruiters source for casual and full-time positions for baristas, waiters, bartenders, chefs, kitchen workers, catering specialists, counter attendants, supervisors, and team leaders, who are selected for their experience, qualifications, presentation and attitude.

This hiring firm, which provides staffing solutions in Qatar, works with all aspects of F&B and hospitality industries including bars, restaurants, hotel dining areas, boutique cafes, and fine-dining establishments. Roles range from waiters and waitresses to baristas, bar tenders, mixologists, hostesses, business and managers. It also outsources manpower for kitchen and culinary staff.

There are sometimes even ongoing positions available with regular work on the same days each week. Opportunities for ongoing work include some of the most prestigious restaurants, bars and hotels in Australia – we can’t name them here but you will definitely know them! If they love you, they’ll request you back, and many of our staff transition into permanent roles with these iconic brands. However, for those seeking a little flexibility and work life balance, there is the ongoing option to pick and choose the shifts you want, when you want, around school or family. You’ll meet some great people, get experience in a diverse range of venues, and have some fun along the way.

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B2C is hiring for various positions for the F & B industry. It is also recruiting heavy license drivers, support staff, restaurant supervisor, and kitchen helpers. For more information, call 33949078 or send an email to


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