You May Lose Your Job Without Notice And Gratuity Due To These Reasons

On 13 Mar 2021

You May Lose Your Job Without Notice And Gratuity Due To These Reasons

Working in Qatar is governed by employment policies stipulated in the Qatar Labor Law

Did you know that according to Article (61) of these regulations, the employer may dismiss the worker without notice and without payment of the end of service gratuity? Here are the following instances the employee may get terminated:

1. If the worker assumes a false identity or nationality or submits false certificates or documents.
2. If the worker commits an act which causes gross financial loss to the employer provided that the employer shall notify the Department of the incident within twenty four hours from the time of his being aware thereof.
3. If the worker violates more than once the written instructions of the employer concerning the safety of the workers and the establishment despite his being notified in writing of the violation provided that these instructions shall be written and posted up in a conspicuous place.
4. If the worker fails more than once to carry out his essential duties under the service contract or this law despite his having been notified in writing thereof.
5. If the worker discloses the secrets of the establishment where he is employed.
6. If the worker is found during the working hours in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of a drug.
7. If the worker commits an assault on the person of the employer, the manager or one of his supervisors in the work during the work or by reason thereof.
8. If the worker repeats his assault on his colleagues in work despite his being warned in writing thereof.
9. If the worker absents himself from work without legitimate cause for more than seven consecutive days or fifteen days in one year.
10. If the worker has been finally sentenced for a crime involving immorality or dishonesty.

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In inflicting the penalties on the violating workers the following shall be observed:
1. The worker shall not be accused of a violation after fifteen days of the employer being aware of the violation with the exception of the violations constituting criminal offences.
2. The worker shall not be penalized otherwise than for a violation directly related to the work whether committed during the work and in its place or outside.
3. The worker shall not be penalized before his being informed of the accusation against him and being inquired into in writing. The inquiry may be oral in the case of minor violations provided that the report of inquiry shall be filed in the record of the particular register of the worker. The minor violations referred to in this paragraph are violations the penalties whereof prescribed in the penalties regulations do not exceed the notice or deduction not exceeding the wage for one day.
4. There shall not be inflicted on the worker for the single violation not more than one penalty.
5. The disciplinary penalties that the employer may inflict on the workers shall not be inflicted except by the employer, his authorized representative or the manager of the establishment.
6. A penalty may not be inflicted for an act which has not been provided for in the penalties regulations.

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Article (63)
The worker shall be notified of the penalty inflicted on him and if he declines to receive the notification, such notification shall be published in a conspicuous place in the place of work. 

If the worker is absent from work he shall be notified of the penalty by a registered letter to his permanent address in the special file.

Article (64)
A worker shall, before his recourse to the competent tribunal, appeal to his employer against the penalty inflicted on him within seven days of being aware of such penalty. The appeal shall be decided upon within seven days of its submission. The appeal is considered rejected if this period

In the event of rejection of an appeal or if it is not decided upon within the above period, the worker may appeal to the Department against the penalty inflicted on him with seven days of the date of rejection.
The Department shall decide on the worker's appeal within seven days of the date of the registration of the appeal. The Department's decision shall be final.
As an exception the worker may appeal against the penalty of dismissal from work to the competent court.

If the court decides that the dismissal is arbitrary or in violation of the' provisions of this law, it shall either annual the dismissal, orders the return the worker to his work and payment of his wages for the period he was not allowed to work in implementation of such penalty or payment of a suitable compensation. Such compensation shall include the wages and other benefits denied to him as a result of such dismissal. 

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