Hire Multilingual Interpreters/translators With An Outsourcing Service In Qatar

On 12 Aug 2021

Hire Multilingual Interpreters/translators With An Outsourcing Service In Qatar

Qatar is home to a large international community, making it a melting pot of cultures. 

Arabic is the official language and the language of instruction in the country. However,  English is the most popular language spoken among expatriates that make up most of its population.

Bilingualism and language switching between Arabic and English are common among Qatari nationals and expatriates.

Furthermore, there are many languages and dialects spoken by Qatar’s large expatriate community. This is why there is a high demand for translators and interpreters in Doha for various industries in the State.

Language translators convert written materials from one language into another. The goal of a translator is to have people read the translation as if it was the original written material. An interpreter, on the other hand, provides an oral translation between speakers who speak different languages.

Below are the common types of translating:

• Certified Translation

• Financial Translation

• Judicial Translation

• Juridical Translation

• Legal Translation

• Literary translation

• Scientific Translation

• Technical Translation

Multilingual professionals are hired in Qatar as:

• Multilingual Translators

• Linguist

• Customer Service Representatives

• Contact Center Specialist

Many companies are currently hiring language experts who have the following qualifications:

• Fluent in the required language

• Computer literate

• Can type 25 WPM

• Degree in translation

• Relevant training in translation

• Advanced knowledge in report writing

• Expertise in highly specialised translation software

Most of the translation jobs in Qatar demand for the following job descriptions for translator roles:

• Write and read fluently in two or more languages

• Translate from the source language to a target language

• Translate documents and materials, which help people to read them in their native language

• Express the messages accurately, quickly, and clearly

• Translate and interpret documents, reports, briefings and workshops to ensure that the information is relayed to all concerned parties using the required language

• Translate documents, reports and website content from a certain language to a different one and vice-versa for internal and external use, to ensure that concerned staff understands the contents of all reports and documents.

• Comply with translators' Code of Ethics

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