12 Things Not To Do During Job Interviews

On 17 Mar 2021

12 Things Not To Do During Job Interviews

You’ve sent in your CV, got a call from a prospective employer, and now you have a job interview appointment.

But, before you sit down and face the interviewer, there are 10 things a recruiter in Qatar suggests you should NOT do if you want to get hired. Remember: Failure is NOT an option.

1. Complaining about office location

​No matter how far you came from and whatever you experienced before reaching your job interview appointment, remember: the hiring manager is just expecting to see you on time.

If you’re late for your interview, you don’t have to discuss the delays and hurdles you’ve experienced in detail.

​Whether you’ve encountered heavy traffic or got lost due to navigation mishaps, it is better not to show the recruiter how exhausted you are after those challenges you’ve faced before arriving there.

2. Complaining about parking

Parking can be an issue anywhere you go, especially if you’re unfamiliar of the place yet. So, if you found it difficult to park your car prior to your appointment, forget it. You wouldn’t want to ruin the job interview you’ve been waiting for.

3. Bad-mouthing your previous job or employer

You might have the best CV in the world, but if you bad mouth your former head, company, or role, you are setting yourself up for rejection.

​If you criticize your previous bosses, your possible future reporting manager might wonder if they’re next.

4. Digging into details

You may be given a chance to ask questions concerning your job application, but this is not an interrogation session. Job interviews are done to learn the basics of the company and the vacant posts. Do not go beyond asking about the company’s dental plan, the size of the cubicle, or how long you can have your lunch.

5. Beating around the bush

​Don’t just randomly answer the questions for the sake of having something to say. Process the thought first before you speak so you can respond appropriately.

6. Groveling

Yes, you need a job. But, you don’t have to beg for it. Pleading on bended knees and saying "you can do everything" just to convince them to hire you is a big no-no.

7. Avoiding eye contact

​You’ve been waiting for this job interview so direct all your focus on this opportunity. Treat this as an important conversation between you and the recruiter in Qatar. Look him/her in the eye while talking.

8. Slouching

​You’re not at home to feel at home. You’re in a job interview. Forget that homey feeling until this appointment is over. Observe proper body posture: stomach in, breast out, sit erect and stay focused on the finish line.

9. Cursing

Being friendly and open with a prospective employer is fine. But, if you drop an f-bomb, things may get uncomfortable for the interviewer.

10. Becoming chatty

Your potential boss doesn’t need to know that you have ongoing applications with other companies and what they offer you. On another note, Do not ask why no one has called you for an interview.

11. Doing anything disgusting

HR officials say they’ve seen candidates pick their nose, scratching their head and even chewing a gum during the interview. You don’t want to be the talk of the department and the laughing stock when you finally get on board.

12. Being overconfident

You can be the jack of all trades. But, you don’t have to say it out loud in front of the recruiter. Being a know-it-all person can be an asset to the company. However, if you overly brag about what you can do, the recruiter in Qatar might set high expectations for you.


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