Ehteraz Pre-registration & Approval Guide For Expats Having Jobs In Qatar

On 14 Oct 2021

Ehteraz Pre-registration & Approval Guide For Expats Having Jobs In Qatar

Travelling to and from Qatar? Did you know that there is a new arriving passengers online registration platform where you need to register when entering the country?

The new Travel entry into Qatar portal – – ensures a quick and easy service upon your arrival, to avoid any delays.

As per the latest Travel and Return Policy by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), expats who currently have jobs in Qatar and visitors may register in this portal to expedite their entry to the country.

Although pre-registration is optional for citizens and residents of Qatar, MoPH recommends that all individuals entering Qatar pre-register to ensure the best experience upon arrival in Qatar.

• Non-residents of Qatar must register via the pre-registration platform on  website and upload all relevant documents such as:

- PCR  test  result

- vaccine certificate

- and other relevant documents (at least 3 days before arrival).

• All passengers must sign an Undertaking and Acknowledgement Form before arriving in Qatar. The form is available on the MoPH website, pre-registration platform website (​) and airline online booking form.

Note: Citizens and residents who are fully vaccinated inside the State of Qatar arriving from one of the Green List countries are exempt from this requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of using this service?

A: The service aims to facilitate arrivals to the State of Qatar to verify health requirements and decide quarantine or its exemption in advance.

Q: What are the conditions to be reviewed before applying for the service?

A: It is the responsibility of individuals to ensure that they are updated with any changes in the Entry and Return policy of the State of Qatar through the official sources before planning their trip. Click the following link (Travel Policy to the State of Qatar)

Q: What is the consequence if the traveller submits the wrong date and documents?

A: If the traveller tampered with the data and gave wrong information, the passenger condition will be re-evaluated upon entry to the country, and the prior decision is not taken into account.

Q: Is registration in the pre-registration system for arrivals to the State of Qatar optional or compulsory?

A: Registration is mandatory with effect from the 12th of July, so registration will ensure quick completion of entry procedures automatically. It will save you a lot of time and avoid waiting for long hours.

Q: Is it necessary to register on the website to submit the application?

A: Yes, the application requires registration on the website.

Q: What is the registration process on the website?

A: A username and password must be created. The email of the applicant will be the username while the user chooses the password.

Q: Can I apply for a family member or someone travelling with me?

A: Yes, it is possible to apply for a family member or someone travelling on the same flight. However, the decision depends on each passenger separately based on the requirements and documents that are submitted.

Q: In the case of multiple applications (more than one person within the application), what should be specified when applying?

A: After entering the passengers’ information, the main traveller must be specified if he is the head of the family.

Q: How will I be notified of the details of the decision on the application?

A: The decision is taken for each person within the application individually (in the case of the application for more than one person). An email will be sent to the email address registered in the user account detailing the decisions (exempt from quarantine/hotel or home quarantined required/deficiencies on application).

Q: What data is required to register for the service?

1- For Qatari citizens and residents (personal ID No.)

2- Gulf countries (passport number and nationality, personal Qatari ID is preferred)

3- Visitors (visa number)

Q: What documents are required to be attached with the application?


1- A copy of the passport for the Gulf nationals

2- A valid negative PCR test result available from laboratories approved by the health authorities taken maximum of 72 hours before time of arrival

3- A vaccination certificate issued by the competent authorities in the country departing from (for those who received the vaccine doses completely).

4- Hotel booking through the Discover Qatar website for those who are subject to hotel quarantine.

5- A certificate of recovery from the Covid-19 issued by the approved health authorities in the country departing from for those who were affected by it and recovered within a period not exceeding twelve months.


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