Ministry Of Labour Approves 2,970 Applications From People Requesting To Change Jobs In Qatar

On 20 Jan 2022

Ministry Of Labour Approves 2,970 Applications From People Requesting To Change Jobs In Qatar

As many as 2,970 applications from residents and expats requesting to change jobs in Qatar were approved by the Ministry of Labour in Qatar in December 2021. This is the latest report shared by the Ministry, stating that only a negligible 15 requests were rejected out of the 2,985 total of applications submitted for changing the profession during the period of the study.

The Labour Ministry also shared the following records concerning the Qatar Labour Market in the previous month:

New Recruitments

The Recruitment Department at the Ministry of Labour received 1,409 applications for new recruitments in the year-end statistics.

A big majority 919 applications were approved only 490 requests were rejected. The Ministry shared the records on its social media networking sites.

Work Permit Requests

The Department received 1,304 requests for work permit including 638 for renewal, 470 for issuance of new work permit and 198 to cancel it.

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According to the statistics, the inspectors made 72 inspection visits to manpower agencies in which they issued 63 approvals, five warning and four reports.

Labour Inspection Department at the Ministry made 2,909 inspection visits in December. Resulting in 558 warnings were issued against companies asking them to rectify their situation.  As many as 246 tickets of violation were also issued against erring companies. 

The Department suspended services of 38 companies for violating some provisions of Labour Law.


However, Labour Relations Department at the Ministry received 2,173 complaints against their firms which fall under the provisions of Labour Law in December.  As many as 1,855 out of total complaints are under process, 69 complaints have been settled and 249 complaints were referred to the Labour Disputes Settlement Committees for further legal actions.

Domestic workers filed 104 complaints against employers 62 of them are under process. As many as 56 complaints have been settled and 16 grievances referred to the committees. General people lodged 113 complaints and all of them have been settled.

Qatar has around 173,000 migrant workers with domestic jobs in Qatar, with most coming from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and the Philippines.

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