Important Alert For All Travellers Arriving At Hamad International Airport

On 20 Feb 2022

Important Alert For All Travellers Arriving At Hamad International Airport

Every day, lots of international travelers reach Qatar for different purposes. They arrive at Hamad International Airport and move to their destinations after completing formalities. This is a crucial alert for all passengers traveling to Hamad International Airport.

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Using Your e-Gate Card

You can move directly to the e-Gate area with a valid e-get card. Then, when you reach the passport control area, you can find it on your right-hand side.

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Visa On Arrival

  • To get more information about entry visas, visit the following pages.

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  • If you come from a country not listed for Visa on arrival, you can apply for a single entry visa. It allows you to stay in Qatar for one month. Please move towards an immigration counter, show your passport and pay your visa fee,
  • If you are a citizen of a GCC country, you are entitled to get a single entry visa on arrival. You can get this visa provided that you have a residence permit valid for at least six months and your profession is listed. Then, please move to the immigration counter, show your passport, and pay your visa fee. This visa is valid for staying in Qatar for one month and can't be extended.

Paying Your Visa Fee

  • Use a debit or credit card to pay your visa fee at a passport control counter. The actual visa-free depends upon your nationality and the type of visa you want to get.
  • If you want to pay your visa fee in cash, visit the designated Bank counter before going to a passport control counter. The bank will ask for a fee to process your cash payment. It will accept payment in all major currencies of the world.

Getting A Visa Before You Travel To Qatar

If you are not entitled to a visa on arrival, you should get a visa before traveling to Qatar. You can get a visa by contacting Qatar Embassy around the world or by inquiring with a hotel you have booked with in Qatar. The visa fee will depend upon your nationality and the type of visa you are looking for. Make sure you have enough time for Visa processing. If you are using Qatar Airways to visit Qatar, then you can get a visa on arrival by booking a hotel for your trip. Always keep in mind that it will take 2 weeks to process your visa normally. Fast Track Visa services take 5 to 6 days.

Priority Processing

All Al Maha customers, special assistance travellers and unaccompanied minors will get priority in visa processing on arrival at Hamad International Airport.

Things That You Need To Avoid

  • If you want to pay the visa fee in cash, don't approach the passport control counter. The passport control counters take visa fee only via credit or debit cards. You should use the designated Bank counter to make visa payments in cash,
  • Don't start your journey without confirming your visa requirements in advance. This will help you stay away from unnecessary inconvenience and delays during travel to Qatar.

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Solving Problems

If you are denied entry to Qatar due to any reason, then the Ministry of Interior and your airline will help you in all possible manners.

Getting An e-Gate Card

If you happen to be a Qatari citizen, an expatriate resident in Qatar, or a resident of a GCC country, you can apply for an e-Gate card by contacting the Ministry of Interior office in AL Gharafa( Doha)


Exit Permits

  • In order to find out that you need an exit visa to leave Qatar, visit the Hukoomi website,
  • If you are visiting Qatar with your family members, male visitors whose stay permit exceeds one month need to get an exit visa. Females get an exemption from this rule.

Clearing Passport Control

  • You should scan your boarding card at the automated sugar eating gets before moving to the passport control area,
  • You should have the necessary travel documents. Present it to the immigration officer while trying to enter Qatar,
  • There are dedicated first class and business class lanes from Hamad International Airport.

Priority Processing

All Al Maha customers, special assistant travelers, and unaccompanied minors will receive priority when they try to leave Hamad International Airport. 

Things To Avoid While Leaving Qatar

  • If you are visiting a GCC country, you must have a passport with at least six months of validity( 3 months for GCC citizens). You need to ensure that your passport meets the Traveling requirement. Otherwise, your Airlines will not process your request for trips,
  • If there are unpaid fines against your name in Qatar, you can't leave the country. So pay all your fines before planning to move out of Qatar. You can pay your fines to the Ministry of Interior office at Hamad International Airport.

Solving Issues

Sometimes you face problems while trying to leave Qatar. For example, you may have issues like the absence of an exit visa, unpaid fines against your name. Coordinate with the respective authorities, get an exit visa, pay off all your fines, and leave Qatar.

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