The Nuances Of Pursuing A Data Scientist Career In Qatar

On 10 Oct 2022

The Nuances Of Pursuing A Data Scientist Career In Qatar

The Nuances of Pursuing a Data Scientist Career in Qatar

We live in the information age, and its quantity is snowballing.The information a modern person consumes in a year may soon be more than our ancestors had in a lifetime.

The ability to work with this data correctly allows companies to offer you exactly the product you want, calculate the optimal price for transportation in a taxi, reject the part at the early stages of production, and make the business more efficient. This is where data scientists come to rescue you. 

A Brief Introduction to Data Scientists 
In simple words,a data scientist is a prominent data specialist who collects and analyzes large amounts of structured and unstructured data.The work of a data analyst combines computer science,statistics,and mathematics.They explore, process,and model data and then interpret the results to create practical plans for companies and other organizations.

What Do Data Scientists Do And What Do They Do?

● Recovery of information about clients, their needs, events, and context in the client's life based on digital traces,

● Determining customer geolocations based on indirect data,

● Graph models, search for financial and social connections, search for questionable transactions and criminal holdings,

● Forecasting the financial performance of enterprises, building models of the potential and demand for bank products and the ecosystem, 

● Creating Contextual Recommendation systems and Next Best Action, 

● Building Predictive Data-Driven Services for clients;

● Working with natural language and unstructured text. Recognition and extraction of entities from documents automate routine operations and document classification. 

● Building models of expected profitability of banking products and other customer revenues;

What should a data scientist know and be able to do?

Requirements To Become A Data Scientist:

● Knowledge of modern methods of econometrics, probability theory, mathematical statistics, and stochastic processes;

● Proficiency in econometric analysis packages and programming languages (R, Python, Matlab);

● Proficiency in English,

● Knowledge of statistics and ability to apply them (Methods of statistical inference, hypothesis testing, stats models);

● Ability to work with databases: window functions, indexes, query optimization (Postgres, mongo);

● The desire to understand the subject area and work with customers.

Data Scientist Demand in Qatar and salaries
Qatar is home to a large number of companies that process a considerable amount of data every day. It is fertile land for well-educated and highly experienced data scientists Companies hire professionals with handsome salary packages and provide them with other benefits. Moving to Qatar as a data scientist is beneficial. You can earn QAR 15,000- QAR 40,000 per month. 

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