Top 10 Recession-proof Jobs In Qatar

On 05 Dec 2022

Top 10 Recession-proof Jobs In Qatar

Top 10 Recession-Proof Jobs in Qatar

Currently, the economic slowdown is spreading across different countries, especially in the USA, European Union, UK, China, India, Turkey, etc. Companies have terminated the employment contract of existing employees and kicked many of them out of their job. Unemployment in different countries is at its peak. Despite all these, one country- Qatar- is performing exceptionally well. 

It is one of the most progressive and dynamic countries in the world. It has a growing economy, and its society is becoming more open to change. Some jobs in this country are recession-proof – they will always be in demand no matter what happens with the economy or other factors. These jobs provide stability and security for workers who have them. Let’s know. 

● Engineering
Engineering is a broadly utilized term that incorporates various mechanical, civil, aeronautical, and electrical occupations. Engineers are the makers of the future. They are responsible for developing new technologies that improve our lives in every way possible—from medicine to transportation to energy resources to communications systems.
While engineers can work anywhere in Qatar (and may even live here), they tend to gravitate toward specific industries: construction; oil and gas exploration; manufacturing; defense contracting/research labs, etc. B2C Solutions offers the best HR outsourcing services in Qatar. So get in touch with us and explore engineering jobs conveniently in this country. 

● Accounting/Finance
Accountants and finance professionals are in high demand in Qatar, with the number of vacancies for these jobs rising steadily. The reason for this is simple: the private sector needs new accountants to help keep its books balanced.
Accountants and finance professionals can earn upwards of $500,000 per year, but if you want to make more money than that—and it’s possible!—you should consider working as an expert witness instead. Expert witnesses are hired by attorneys trying to win cases against their defendants; they give their opinion on whether or not someone has broken any laws or contract terms (the attorney will pay them either way). Experts earn between $100-$200K annually depending on experience level and specialization

● Specialist Doctors
A specialist doctor is a doctor who has finished a residency and is licensed to practice in a particular specialty. Specialist doctors are in high demand in Qatar, with salaries ranging from $65,000 to well over $100,000 per year.
If you're interested in becoming a specialist doctor but don't have the time or money for medical school, consider applying for admission through an international medical schools. 

● Nursing/Medical Technicians
If you're looking for a high-paying job with benefits, consider becoming a nurse. Nursing is one of the fastest-growing industries in Qatar, and there are plenty of opportunities for new graduates from college or trade schools.
Nursing is excellent for women because it offers flexible hours and benefits like paid maternity leave, health insurance coverage, and retirement savings accounts. In addition to these perks, nursing also has lower stress levels than other jobs due to its focus on human interaction rather than paperwork (which can be stressful). As a result, the job market for nurses is expected to grow by 5% by 2024!

● Radiographers
Radiographers are in charge of taking pictures of the body utilizing X-rays and other radiations. They are used in hospitals and private clinics to take pictures of body parts, including the heart, lungs, bones, digestive system, and kidneys.
Radiologists diagnose diseases such as cancer or heart disease by examining an x-ray picture taken with a particular X-ray machine that can be used either at home or at work when there is a need for immediate help with serious health problems like appendicitis or pneumonia infection. These devices also help diagnose tumors early before they spread throughout your entire body, making it easier for doctors to treat them effectively, so you don't need surgery later on down the road!

● Dental Hygienists
Dental hygienists are well-compensated and work in many settings, including private practice, hospitals, and clinics. 
Dental hygienists do not require licensing in Qatar but must complete a course at the National Institute for Dental Hygiene (NIDH). This is followed by at least one year's experience working under supervision before becoming fully qualified as a professional dental hygiene nurse or assistant dentist.

● IT Specialists - Programmers/Software Developers
You might not think of programming as a recession-proof job, but it's one of the most recession-proof jobs in Qatar. Programming is critical in IT and other technical industries like financial services and healthcare. As an IT specialist, you'll work with other programmers to develop software applications that help organizations run more efficiently by automating tasks or improving customer service. 
If you enjoy solving problems and have an affinity for technology, this could be an excellent career opportunity! 

● Airline-Related Workers - Pilots/Flight Attendants/Air Transport Managers
A pilot, flight attendant, and air transport manager are all jobs that involve working on planes. Pilots are the people who fly the aircraft from the cockpit to its destination; flight attendants provide food and drinks for passengers during their flights, and air transport managers work with airlines to help plan out routes for their planes.
These positions can be found in many different fields: you could be an airline employee working in a large office setting or one standing on top of a mountain at night—it's up to you!

●Actuaries & Statisticians
Actuaries and statisticians are the individuals who are utilized to help organizations with their insurance and business-related issues. They work closely with businesses, government agencies, private sector firms, and other organizations to determine policy options' financial impact on their overall business strategy. An actuary is a person who assesses the risk of an insurance organization or other business venture.

If you are searching for the best occupations in Qatar, then there are a few things you ought to consider before taking a shot at any vocation. For example, ensuring your profession will give you enough job opportunities and compensation to feel truly fulfilled. The Best HR Outsourcing Companies in Qatar- B2C Solutions, are always happy to help you with your job hunt. Call us today for a free consultation and job processing.  


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