The Introduction Of Chatgpt And Its Impact On Jobs In The It Industry. Here Is What B2c Experts Say

On 08 Feb 2023

The Introduction Of Chatgpt And Its Impact On Jobs In The It Industry. Here Is What B2c Experts Say

The Introduction of ChatGPT and Its Impact on Jobs In The IT Industry. Here Is What B2C Experts Say

The introduction of ChatGPT has created a sensation in the digital world. The vast majority of people use it to find answers to their questions. It is an AI-enabled chatbot developed by OpenAI and supports queries in natural languages.

It attracted attention for its wide range of capabilities, including writing code, creating texts, translating, getting accurate answers, and using the context of dialogue for solutions.

However, its actual accuracy has been criticized. As a result, some enthusiasts quickly dub it the "Google killer." And even though such a statement is hasty, on the network, you can find a lot of feedback from users who already satisfy some of their search queries through ChatGPT and not a regular search engine.

The bot runs on the GPT-3.5 system (the latest generation of OpenAI's natural language processing algorithm), but the company is already preparing the launch of GPT-4, scheduled for 2023. It is expected that after the update, the program will create texts with greater accuracy and will begin to recognize commands written in informal language. In addition, shortly, OpenAI plans to launch a paid ChatGPT Professional.

A chatbot can create anything as long as it consists of text. It will try to answer any request, from writing a poem about Elon Musk to providing a bitcoin rate forecast.

Disadvantages of ChatGPT:

● ChatGPT doesn't always answer questions correctly. The answer may appear plausible, but it may be false or nonsense.
● Rephrasing a request or resubmitting it can produce completely different results.
● ChatGPT writes verbosely and often uses specific language due to the nature of their training.
● The chatbot is moderated and biased toward particular topics. So, for example, talking to it about eugenics and racism positively is unlikely to succeed since these     topics are considered  flawed.
● ChatGPT is terrible at asking follow-up questions and usually doesn't ask them; it tries to guess what the user meant.
● The chatbot is trying to avoid answering questions about events after the end of 2021 and about specific people.
  Will ChatGPT Affect Jobs in the IT industry?

The introduction of ChatGPT has created havoc in the IT industry. It is feared that this AI-powered tool will affect the employment opportunities of IT professionals such as SEO specialists, programmers, pay-per-click specialists, writers, sales professionals, educators, attorneys, etc. But contrary to widespread sentiments in the market, B2C HR experts and managers give different arguments.

They say that chatbots do indeed help individuals increase their productivity. But they can’t think like human professionals. Machines can’t replace human professionals completely. There will always be a demand for highly skilled and experienced employees. So, don’t get worried about the increasing buzz about the chatGPT.

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