How To Answer Tricky Interview Questions? Practical Recommendations From B2c Hr Managers

On 22 Feb 2023

How To Answer Tricky Interview Questions? Practical Recommendations From B2c Hr Managers

How To Answer Tricky Interview Questions? Practical Recommendations from B2C HR Managers

B2C Solutions, a Qatar hiring and recruitment outsourcing firm, processes the job applications of many working professionals wishing to migrate to Qatar for jobs and employment opportunities. Unfortunately, only a few qualify for the interview and get the desired job.

Always remember that tricky questions help HR professionals identify inconsistencies in the applicant's resume, weed out irrelevant information, and get an idea of whether the applicant is capable of the vacant position. So, how do you answer such questions, satisfy HR professionals, and clear the life-changing interviews? Let’s pay attention to the detailed recommendations suggested by our HR professionals.

● Can You Describe Yourself in One Word?
With this question, HR professionals try to determine your personality type and understand what motivates you at the workplace. This question is mind-blowing, as it is challenging for most individuals to fit all their essential professional qualifications into just one word and utter the right word.

To prevent yourself from making unfortunate mistakes, learn about the company’s activities and think about the specific position you have applied for. You may select one appropriate word to describe your character in one word. For example, if you are a manager, you must use the word "multitasking" to give the interviewer a clear idea of your professional abilities.

● Have You Applied For Other Vacancies As Well? 
The answer to this question allows recruiters to get information about your professional interests and motivation, assess your demand as a specialist in the labor market, conclude the salary requirements, and decide on your candidacy. They can also know how active you are in the job market. Applicants apply for multiple jobs simultaneously to increase their chances of getting a suitable job.

If you honestly report that you have been facing problems while trying to get jobs for several months, the recruiter will feel that you don’t have the necessary skills required by companies. So, they are unlikely to offer you an above-salary package. The most appropriate answer would be that you need to decide on taking a position in another company by a specific date, adding what advantages you see in the organization where you are currently interviewing—mastering new standards, the opportunity to apply your unique experience, etc.

If you say that this is your first interview because you started looking for a job recently, this will also not be evidence of your unprofessionalism toward the employer. Such answers satisfy recruitment managers; such frankness is only for the good of a career.

● What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses? 
With such a question, the recruiter tries to anticipate potential problems, such as your lack of commitment or inability to work in a team, to understand how mature a person who is aware of his weaknesses is in front of him, whether he knows how to work on himself, and what the level of his honesty and self-confidence is.

When talking about your weakest sides, it is essential to emphasize the unconditional advantages that are important for the specifics of future work. To show that you have adequate self-esteem and can work on your mistakes constructively, answers in which you briefly describe how you work on shortcomings will be helpful.

Try to indirectly point out your advantages by mentioning your shortcomings. Materiality, but also the habit of checking everything to the last detail, will be an undoubted plus for the applicant for the position of a design engineer; talkativeness and the ability to win people over are good qualities for a future PR manager.

● Why Do You Want to Work With Our Company?
With this question, recruiters seek to find out why you chose this particular company, what drives you, the level of your potential interest in the position, and whether you understand your future duties and work goals correctly or not. Get more information about the organization beforehand and prepare for the answer.
Try to answer quickly, confidently, enthusiastically, and positively, avoiding clichés and outright flattery. Talk about the company's strengths, demonstrate your knowledge about its products or services, and manage. Your goal is to prove yourself to be the ideal candidate whose qualities and skills match the needs and values of the organization.

● Why Are You Mulling To Leave Your Current Job? 
This question causes candidates strong internal discomfort. It is unlikely that it will be productive to give a truthful and honest answer to such a provocation. So, prepare for yourself a neutral option with a qualitative assessment of the reason for dismissal, which will suit any HR manager.

Based on your answer to these questions, the recruiter will determine your motivation and priorities and try to test your character to a certain extent. When applying for Qatari jobs, prepare answers to these questions to increase your chances of selection. Contact B2C Solutions, the best manpower company in Qatar, to process your application for Qatar jobs and get employment with a prestigious company.


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