It Jobs In Qatar: Unproductive Tech Habits To Give Up Today

On 20 Mar 2023

It Jobs In Qatar: Unproductive Tech Habits To Give Up Today

IT Jobs In Qatar: Unproductive Tech Habits to Give Up Today

Qatar offers multiple jobs and employment opportunities to IT workers. As a result, many IT professionals from numerous counties (both developing and developed) migrate to this developed Middle East country to explore employment opportunities with IT companies and lead a happy life. 

Technology has undoubtedly paved the way for organizations to perform better, create innovative processes, and exceed expectations. It is impossible to imagine the modern world without the world wide web, which defines all aspects of our lives. 

We tend to use technology for everything so much that sometimes we need help to distinguish between useful and unproductive technology habits. As a result, organizations suffer the consequences as employees often engage in unproductive technology habits at work without realizing it.

A Forbes article says 90% of employees spend between 15% and 40% of their work days due to technology. This problem is compounded in hybrid/remote work, as there is a higher chance that these habits will take up an employee's day. So what are these terrible tech habits? 

Checking Email Inbox Multiple Times During Working Hours

Work productivity is a significant issue when you work in Qatar and expect growth in your professional life. Supervisors and managers closely monitor employees’ activities and analyze their productivity. HR professionals working with B2C Solutions- the Qatar hiring & recruitment outsourcing company, argue that checking their Email inboxes unnecessarily many times on a working day is one of the most unproductive tech habits. While this is a great communication tool in the corporate world, you must know that Email inboxes are flooded with spam, promotional emails, emails from linked accounts, etc. Checking your inbox every time a notification pops up can affect your productivity. Give it up as soon as possible, as you can check Emails in your free time and reply to them as required. 

● Distracting Notifications On Mobile Handsets

Modern-day mobile handsets have several applications that send notifications from time to time. It distracts employees, and they fail to focus on their primary duties. You must either switch off the phone or silent messages. It will help you complete more assignments and increase productivity. 

Our Tips To Avoid Technical Glitches At the Workplace:

● Companies and business organizations can encourage maximum characters in emails so long emails don't take up their employees' day. Email subject lines should be updated frequently to ensure that only relevant people are added to such conversations. It would be a good practice to start issues with only the right people involved.

● Raising employee awareness will allow them to explore their unproductive technology habits and find ways to eliminate them. Seminars and presentations by mindfulness and productivity experts can help draw employees' attention to restructuring their working day. From dedicated time slots for checking email to productivity apps, optimizing and minimizing notifications, a lot is being done to get attention back where it matters most.

● Organizations and managers take responsibility and assign process owners to different tasks and roles to ensure that productivity is preserved due to confusion about the same thing. This allows employees to receive messages for only what they need and saves bandwidth.

● An active search for technological opportunities to transform many organizational processes is an absolute must. Lagging in their implementation results in lost productivity and may even result in losing competitive advantage for many organizations.

Overcoming these habits will positively impact employees' personal and professional lives. With increased awareness and greater bandwidth, they will be able to develop better relationships and have higher morale. This will allow them to perform at their best at work and impact their emotions and attitudes.

Always remember that technology habits take a lot of work to get rid of. However, you can avoid developing unproductive technical habits with the right solution and goal. 

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