A Brief Guide To Your Carrer As A Database Administrator In Qatar

On 20 Mar 2023

A Brief Guide To Your Carrer As A Database Administrator In Qatar

A Brief Guide to Your Carrer As a Database Administrator In Qatar

In the age of the rapid development of information technology, information and ways of storing it are becoming a fundamental value for humankind. On the one hand, the essential criteria in working with this or that information are the reliability of this information and its public availability. But on the other hand, protecting data and maintaining the necessary confidentiality of information is also essential.

This is especially true for various companies and organizations whose information is their most important product. For greater convenience, this information is stored in so-called databases.

Despite the profession's narrow focus, database administrators can be found almost everywhere: in medical institutions, large logistics and trade enterprises, industrial production, government services, banks, etc. 

The database administrator makes sure that all electronic information remains valuable and safe. The life of any business or state structure now depends on this.

General Duties of A Database Administrator in Qatar:

As a database administrator in Qatar, you need to perform the following tasks:
● Monitor the operation of the database and collect statistical data on it.
● Optimize computing resources and database performance,
● Optimize computer network components that interact with the database, &
● Manage the data distribution in memory (the life cycle of data in the database),

Skills Required For a Database Administrator:

Hard Skills

● MySQL,
● Oracle,
● PostgreSQL
● MS SQL Server
● MongoDB
● Redis
● Cassandra.

 Soft Skills

● High-stress resistance and self-control,
● The ability to remember large amounts of information,
● Pedantry and 
● Concentration and Willingness to do monotonous, routine work.

Benefits of Working as a Database Administrator in Qatar

While working as a database administrator in Qatar, you can expect to earn $77,000 per year. Your salary depends on the chosen company, employment contract, educational and professional qualifications, work experience, etc. Apart from this, companies offer benefits related to employment, such as free accommodation, medical insurance, paid leaves and vacations, high-quality food, etc. In addition, many companies in Qatar require data administrators to maintain and secure their databases.

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