What Are The Requirements To Resign From Your Job In Qatar?

On 29 Mar 2021

What Are The Requirements To Resign From Your Job In Qatar?

There are several safe steps we need to ensure and be aware regarding resigning a job to leave this country, resigning to change your job or resigning for several other valid reasons.  However, this article emphasises on what are the requirements and steps you must follow in order to ensure safe resigning from your current company.

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Resigning to change jobs

• Workers must notify their prospective employers via the electronic system of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs.

• Must be given one to two months of prior notice period if you have been working for less than two years.

• If you are an experienced employee working over two years, then you should notify at least two months in advance.

Probation period

• Prospective employers must give at least one month notice via the ADLSA's electronic system.

• The new employer should compensate the former employer with an agreed payment, which must not go beyond the equivalent of the two months of the worker's basic wage.

The below statements are highlighted about the notice period duration, which are according to the previous updates and are no longer valid.

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Requirements needed before availing this e-service

• Contract of employment

• Notification

• Companies' new letter

• Establishment’s Registration

• In case of perceptions of arbitration by the company, the employee must obtain a letter of perceptions of arbitrary to show its evidence.

• ID Card number

• Mobile number

Terms and conditions

• The new company or organisation must not have any restrictions that prevent change in the employee's workplace.

Duration of the notice period

• The employee should be able to notify before the expiry of the contract by one moth precisely if the employment contract is of fixed-term.

• If the employment contract is indefinite, the employee's service must not be less than 5 years and the notifications should be as follows:

1. 30 days or one month if the duration of the service is 5 years.

2. 60 days or two months if the duration of the service exceeds 5 years.

3. Target groups (Private Sector).

Requirement of online submission for the notice period

• Candidates looking to change workplace can upload their details here:

• The site will only work from Sunday to Thursday, from 7 AM to 2 PM.

• Ensure to attach a copy of the notification form after being signed.

• The notice period starts immediately after the form is submitted on the Ministry's website.

• Applications and approvals are subjected to all the conditions stated by the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and

Social Affairs.

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