Embracing The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence: How To Prepare For Future Jobs?

On 14 Jul 2023

Embracing The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence: How To Prepare For Future Jobs?

Embracing The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: How to Prepare For Future Jobs?

These days, there is too much emphasis on the introduction of artificial intelligence in different industries. Business organizations and companies across the globe are fast adapting artificial intelligence and cutting the total number of working professionals at an alarming speed. Due to this trend, many individuals in different sectors have lost their jobs. With the growing use of artificial intelligence in different sectors, it is believed that more people will get unemployed in the coming years. Therefore the biggest question is how to embrace the rise of artificial intelligence and prepare yourself for future jobs. Let's dig deep and analyze the situation seriously. 

What Is Happening In The Job Market In 2023?

As explained earlier, many individuals in different countries have lost their jobs due to the introduction of artificial intelligence in everyday business activities. In the next five years, almost a quarter of all jobs will change due to the introduction of AI, digitalization, switching to clean energy and changing supply chains.

It is expected that from 2023 to 2027, 83 million jobs will disappear worldwide, and 69 million will be created. Thus, there may be 14 million fewer jobs in the world in five years, which is about 2% of current employment.

The report says AI—enabled programs such as ChatGPT, which can mimic human thinking and solve problems, will significantly impact the labor market. Such technologies will replace and automate many of the reasoning, communication, and coordination roles.

About 75% of the companies surveyed by the World Bank said they will implement AI in their work in the next five years. According to their estimates, this will reduce 26 million jobs in administrative and accounting positions, including cashiers and accountants. The study surveyed over 800 companies from 45 countries, employing 11.3 million people.

The report highlights that AI poses less threat to employment than macroeconomic factors, such as slowing economic growth, lack of supply, and inflation. The World Bank believes that new jobs will be created thanks to investments to move businesses to environmentally friendly technologies and a broad reorientation of global supply chains.

The Fastest Growing Professions:

● Specialists in artificial intelligence and machine learning,
● Sustainability managers,
● Business intelligence,
● Experts in the field of information security,
● Specialists in the field of fintech,
● Data analysts and data engineers.
● Specialists in robotics, 
● Electrical engineers, 
● Operators of agricultural equipment &
● Specialists in digital transformation.

The Fastest-Shrinking Jobs:

● Bank clerks and related professions.
● Employees of the postal service.
● Writers,
● Cashiers.
● Data entry operators.
● Secretaries.
● Clerks for materials accounting and warehouse accounting.
● Accountants.
● Legislators and officials.
● Accountants-statisticians, financial and insurance employees.
● Traveling salespeople and related professions.

The Introduction of Artificial Intelligence In Qatar-Based Companies

Qatar is among the most popular destinations for almost all leading companies and business organizations from different countries. So it is not immune from what is happening in the job market in other countries. Qatar-based companies and business organizations are fast adapting artificial intelligence in everyday business activities, intending to decrease the cost of business operations and increase the profit margins by multiple times. Therefore, working professionals wishing to migrate to Qatar for jobs and employment opportunities must update their skills and professional qualifications to sustain themselves in the market and keep earning good monthly income.

How To Prepare Yourself For Future Jobs In Qatar?

With the growing use of artificial intelligence in different industries and business organizations in Qatar, working professionals must upgrade their skills as soon as possible to stay relevant in the job market. Here are a few tips for them:

● Choose A Particular Niche

Some working professionals have a bad habit of changing their profession occasionally. They do so to earn more money as soon as possible and have a good professional life. But the Rapid introduction of artificial intelligence in different industries minimizes the scope for such professionals. Therefore, you must choose a particular job field and keep working to gain relevant experience.

● Learn More Languages

Qatar is one of the most preferred countries in the world for skilled and semi-skilled individuals. To increase job availability, learn essential languages such as Arabic, English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, etc. The knowledge of different languages always works in your favor when you are in Qatar and allows you to get white-collar jobs in companies, schools, colleges, universities, and offices.

● Learn The Art of Using Artificial Intelligence.

As a working professional, you need to know how to use different tools powered by artificial intelligence. It will increase your ability to apply for more Jobs in Qatar and an excellent monthly income. Companies in Qatar offer around 2.5 to five times more salary than most developing countries.

● Work With B2C Solutions.

B2c Solutions is one of Qatar's most prestigious human resource companies, which has helped numerous individuals get suitable jobs in the country by offering its HR Services in real-time. Get started with us and share your resume carrying all details of your educational and professional qualifications. Our professionals will look into your qualifications and schedule interviews back to back with prestigious companies headquartered in Qatar. You must participate in those interviews with complete preparation, answer questions asked by interviewers, qualify for the interview, complete all the documentation and related formalities and move to Qatar. Even if you are rejected in the interview, our HR professionals will outline the reasons behind the rejection and instruct you to work on your weak points. It will help you progress professionally and get a good job in Qatar next time.

The rapid introduction of artificial intelligence in different industries and job sectors has changed the overall structure of the labor market. A good number of individuals have become jobless as a result of this transition. But don't worry, and prepare yourself for future jobs facilitated by artificial intelligence.

Contact us at B2C Solutions if you want to move to Qatar. We are always happy to help you with our HR services. 


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