What Are The Benefits For Vaccinated Workers And How Outsourcing In Qatar Operates This Pandemic

On 25 May 2021

What Are The Benefits For Vaccinated Workers And How Outsourcing In Qatar Operates This Pandemic

So, you are now fully vaccinated. What’s next?

Starting May 28, the first phase of gradual lifting of coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions in Qatar will be imposed. Following Phase 1, there are other stages in line, which signal the easing of lockdowns in the country.

What does this mean for people who received their second dose of vaccination? How does outsourcing in Qatar for the labor workforce currently work?

Here are the guidelines set by the State of Qatar based on details provided by the Government Communication Office (GCO):

Phase 1 – 28 May 2021+

Social gatherings


  • No more than 5 vaccinated people


  • No more than 10 vaccinated people
  • No more than 5 unvaccinated or mixed groups


  • Mosques will be open for daily prayers and Friday prayers
  • Children under 12 will not be allowed in mosques
  • Toilets and ablution facilities will remain closed


  • Weddings will continue to be prohibited

Maritime transport

  • Continued suspension of boat rentals and tourist boats, except for families
  • Private boats will be accessible for up to 10 vaccinated people, with up to 4 unvaccinated people allowed
  • All boat staff must be vaccinated

Public transport (e.g.: metro & buses)

  • All public transport will operate at 30% capacity
  • Operations will resume on Friday and Saturday
  • Smoking areas will remain closed
  • Food outlets will be subject to the same rules as restaurants and cafes

Driving schools

  • Driving schools to start operating at 30% capacity
  • Vaccinated employees allowed
  • Only vaccinated employees will be allowed to administer lessons

Parks, corniche, and beaches

  • Small groups of up to 5 people or members of the same family are allowed to congregate
  • Private beaches allowed to operate at 30% capacity

Sports teams training

  • Training allowed for MOPH-approved local and international tournaments
  • Sports training for professionals allowed indoors and outdoors

Amateur training:

  • – 10 vaccinated people outdoors
  • – 5 vaccinated people indoors

Local and international sporting events

  • Select sporting events to be held
  • Vaccinated fans allowed outdoors at 30% capacity
  • Fans not allowed indoors


  • Blended learning at 30% capacity allowed

Special needs centres

  • 1:5 educational sessions only (vaccinated trainers)

Private educational centres and training centres

  • 30% capacity (vaccinated trainers)

Nurseries and childcare facilities

  • Resume operation at 30% capacity (vaccinated employees)


  • Continue at 50% capacity at the workplace
  • Allow essential business meetings for a maximum of 15 vaccinated people

The staffing solution in Doha continues as recruitment companies in Qatar provide support for employers’ hiring needs. This article explains how recruiters operate amid the pandemic and the easing of restrictions: No More Lockdown? What Happens to Outsourcing in Qatar Industry as COVID-19 Restrictions are Lifted?

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Exhibitions, conferences and other events

  • Postponing exhibitions, conferences, and other events

Museums and public libraries

  • Allowing operation at 30% capacity

Shopping Centres

  • Continue operation at 30% capacity
  • Closure of all food courts except for takeaway and delivery services only
  • Exclusively for those above 12 years old

Traditional markets

  • Allow capacity at 30%
  • Resume operation on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Exclusively for those above 12 years old

Wholesale markets

  • Capacity at 30%
  • Exclusively for those above 12 years old

Restaurants and cafes

  • Allowing outdoor dining at 30% capacity
  • Allowing indoor dining at 30% capacity for “Clean Qatar” certified restaurants for vaccinated customers only

Cinemas and theatres

  • Opening cinemas and theatres at 30% capacity for fully vaccinated people, exclusively for those above 16 years old

Hospitality and cleaning services

At homes: Vaccinated employees can provide services for more than one home, and services can be provided by more than one vaccinated individuals

At work:

  • Vaccinated employees can provide services at 30% capacity during working hours
  • Gyms, training clubs and spas
  • Allowing operation at 30% for vaccinated customers only
  • All employees should be vaccinated
  • Barbershops and beauty salons
  • Allow operation at 30% capacity
  • Customers and employees vaccinated
  • Swimming pools and waterparks
  • Operating outdoor pools at 30%
  • Operating indoor pools at 20% for those who are vaccinated only

Amusement parks and entertainment centres

  • Outdoors at 30% capacity
  • Indoors at 20% capacity for those who are vaccinated only

For the complete list of COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines for June and July (Phases 2 and 3), click here.

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