Hiring A Data Scientist? Partner With This Outsourcing Service In Qatar For Convenient Recruitment

On 08 Jun 2021

Hiring A Data Scientist? Partner With This Outsourcing Service In Qatar For Convenient Recruitment

The ongoing pandemic due to novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has affected people in the country in several ways.

For many it was related with finances, job issues and for others it was personal or family issues.

There are individuals who were affected with all of the above-mentioned and struggled to get going during these tough times.

Directly or indirectly the global epidemic has caused a great sorrow in our lives and especially for recruiters, it was difficult to interview and receive the best applicants remotely.

However, despite the challenging circumstances, one of the most trusted outsourcing service in Qatar ensure a great mediator between the prospective employers and potential employees.

The recruitment firm in the region, B2C solutions played an integral part in hiring process by helping the respective firms and employers in finding the apt candidate for the available jobs.

As a leading staffing solution in Qatar, B2C has worked enormously towards achieving the goals derived by reputed firms in the region like Sidra Medicine and Public Works Authority (Ashghal).

The agency has also been a vital part in helping the job seekers find the right employers, jobs and companies.

With a database of hiring more than 150,000 job seekers, expats from over 20 countries and over 70% clients from government entities, B2C has played a crucial role in being the most reliable source of employment.

Thus, they have helped in recruiting many individuals by covering every fields and sectors including data scientist.

So, if you are looking for a date scientist, B2C can help you in finding the right person by narrowing down the best person according to their techniques and skills.

As analytical experts who utilize their adroitness in both technology and social science to find trends and manage data, these individuals are essential for overseeing the company’s growth.

Some of the technical skills required by a data scientist are as follows:

• Python Coding

• Hadoop Platform

• SQL Database / Coding

• Unstructured Data

• Apache Spark

• Data Visualization

Obviously, B2C has their own expertise who can shortlist the best of the bests according to the required qualifications.

Therefore, be in touch with B2C right away to know more about their offers and guidance in hiring a data scientist.


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