Buying & Merchandising Recruitment Agency In Qatar

On 31 Aug 2021

Buying & Merchandising Recruitment Agency In Qatar

Expatriates looking to advance their buying or merchandising careers are likely to find plenty of job opportunities in Qatar

Merchandising refers to how you promote your products, such as the pricing structure between related products and any special deals on offer, as well as how you present and display the products or services themselves. The idea is to use these aspects and other techniques to influence a prospective customer’s buying decisions. 

Retail stores must earn each day in order to stay in business. The product sales generate this revenue. Merchandising concerns selling merchandise to generate profit. It is therefore the most important sales tool of a company. 

Why is merchandising highly essential for any startup or corporation?

• It will increase the revenue of your products and services

• It increases impulse sales, seasonal items, stocked products, market shares, and customer awareness of product lines

• It can show customers the variety retailers have within the store so they have a good selection of products to choose from

Simply put: Merchandising helps retail outlets and marketers present products for sale to the customers – both in form and content.

Professional merchandisers know how to understand the product and also be very numerate. They must be able to look at the numbers and understand the customers’ requirements. 

Hiring top-notch merchandisers is one of the brands’ highest priorities. Recruiting candidates for these job roles can be tricky, however.

As a skill that is key to boost your business, talented merchandisers can be difficult to hire. But, a recruitment agency in Qatar, like B2C Solutions will make it easier for you.

Poor merchandising means poor sales. To benefit the most from merchandising, you must hire the right people who know how to present your products and services to maximise sales.

Merchandising impacts a business and, thereby, its employees. This is why it is imperative to recruit the most ideal merchandisers for your company. 

Partnering with the Best Merchandiser Recruiter in Qatar

Whether you’re seeking candidates for temporary or permanent job placements, B2C has a talent pool with expertise to fill your vacant posts.

Buying & merchandising careers in the modern sector cover a whole range of jobs, from Head of Buying to Merchandiser, with digital technology playing an increasingly important role.

B2C is specializing in recruitment for:

Executive roles

  • Head of Buying
  • Head of Merchandising

Managerial roles

  • Category Lead
  • Category Manager
  • Buying Manager
  • Merchandising Manager

Operational roles

  • Assistant Buyer
  • Buyer
  • Category Analyst
  • Junior Buyer
  • Lead Buyer
  • Merchandiser
  • Senior Buyer

This outsourcing service in Qatar extends beyond solely merchandising recruitment, to incorporate all strategic and key hires.

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