How To Answer Tough Job Interview Questions

On 17 Mar 2021

How To Answer Tough Job Interview Questions

Got a job interview phobia? Ever found yourself nervous about not knowing what to say when in front of an interviewer?

One way of overcoming job interview jitters is to prepare yourself for your much-awaited day. Practicing how to answer possible interview questions, including the toughest ones, is a sure-fire way to ace the Q&A part.

Face the Fear

​How to calm yourself so your anxiety doesn't ruin your opportunity? Look at yourself in the mirror and have self-training on how to spontaneously answer interview questions.

Ask someone to mock-interview you. Learn some tips from videos, journals, and other helpful guides via the internet. Develop your communication skills by trying to answer some of the toughest questions in job interviews.

Here’s a guide to answering some tricky questions a recruiter in Doha might ask you. Apply these sample answers to increase your chances of getting hired.

How to negotiate salary after a job offer has been made?

Sample answer: 

​First of all, thank you so much for your offer. I’m so privileged that you want me to join your team. I checked the offer letter and unfortunately, I’m afraid I can’t accept anything less than X QAR. In order to leave my current work situation, I need to be making at least Y QAR.

If the recruiter in Doha responds, “Well, we give more benefits and bonuses and you get 1-month paid vacation leave.”

Sample answer:

​I know and that all sounds so wonderful and I wish I could accept the offer specified. But, unfortunately, I am unable to accept anything less than Y QAR.

​If the recruiter replies, “Okay then, well, we really want you to join our team so I guess we’ll make it work. Y QAR plus benefits.

Sample answer:

Sounds like a deal, thank you so much. So, when can I start?

What is your greatest weakness?



I’m bad at Math.


​I can be a little serious and intense in the workplace. But, I’m working on the positive side of it using my sense of humor when appropriate.



​I’m not a people person.


​I struggle a little with impatience. I like things to happen quickly. But, I’m aware of this and I’m actively practicing patience.



I don’t perform well under pressure.


​One of my weaknesses is computer skills. But, I’m taking an online course right now and it’s really helping.

Do you have any questions for us before we end this interview?


​• Nope. (always have questions)

​• Yeah, I was wondering, what is the size of the cubicle I will be working in? What are the personalities of the people who will be working with me? (don’t bring up something beyond the basics)


• Yes, I actually have a few if you don’t mind. First, I was wondering if you could describe what a typical day in this job looks like? 

(You can have follow-up questions like):

​• Do you have any clarifications about my CV I can address before I leave?

• How will my performance be measured?

​• Do you know when I can expect to hear back about the job?

What is your greatest strength?


​• I don’t know, nothing comes to mind. (unprepared)

• Well, I’m really good at making money. I have a lot of money and I’ll make this company a lot of money. (cocky)

• I’m really, really good at what I do. (vague)

• When you hire me today, you won’t regret it. (arrogant)


I think one of my greatest strengths is my ability to focus. (humble)

I’m really grateful that I’ve always had a really good ability to focus, and it contributes to my ability to consistently make deadlines. (prepared)

Something I’ve been told in the past is that I have a really good attitude and I inspire those around me to be more creative. So, I guess that’s one of my strengths. (specific and relevant)

I had previous managers who told me that I’m really dependable. They can always count on me to get the job done right and on time, and it just means a lot to me when they tell me that.

Why should we hire you?


​• I don’t know, I mean you posted the ad saying you need someone and I’m here. (improper)

• You should hire me for my skills, experience, and personality. (vague)

• I will work harder than anyone else you’re considering. (too reassuring)


​That’s a great question, as you can see on my resume, I have all the hard skills that you’re looking for in a candidate. I have 10 years of editing experience, I know how to produce, and I have a degree in marketing.

But, I also have the soft skills you need for this job. I’m a teamplayer. I’m a collaborator. I’m a clear communicator, and I have a sense of humor.

​But, I’ve been following this company for a while now, and I know that you’re looking for somebody who can really take ownership of this role.

​I have ideas that I think will help this company achieve its short-term and long-term goals. And, I would love the opportunity to share them with the team.

​Practice is key to succeed. Work out on all of these necessary tips to face the recruiter in Doha with confidence and be a great fit for the position you’re applying for. Good luck on your next job interview!


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