Ministry Set Grace Period For Expats With Jobs In Qatar To Correct Their Legal Status

On 20 Oct 2021

Ministry Set Grace Period For Expats With Jobs In Qatar To Correct Their Legal Status

Correcting the Status of Expatriates Violating Provisions of Law No. 21 of 2015

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has announced a grace period to correct the illegal conditions of expatriates who violate the provisions of Law No. (21) of 2015 Regulating the Entry and Exit of Expatriates and their Residence, starting October 10 to December 31, 2021.

MoI identified the categories that benefit from correcting their illegal status:

• expatriates who violate residency

• expatriates violating work permits

• expatriates violating family visits

The Ministry said, in a statement issued on Twitter: 

"Under the provisions of Law No. 21 of 2015 Regulating the Entry and Exit of Expatriates and their Residence, the Ministry of Interior announces a time limit to correct the legal status of expatriates who violate the provisions of this law, starting on October 10, 2021, and ending on December 31, 2021," the notice said.

"Accordingly, all violating expatriates or employers/hosts shall approach the Search and Follow-up Department or any of these service centres - Umm Salal, Umm Sunaim (formerly Industrial Area), Mesaimeer, Al Wakra and Al Rayyan - to submit a request for reconciliation regarding violations of the above law to consider exemption from the reconciliation amount or its reduction based on the provisions of the law mentioned above," it continued.

"The Ministry of Interior calls on employers and expatriates to use this grace period for reconciliation to correct their legal status and avoid legal procedures against them for not legitimising their status," the notice added.

MoI called on all concerned to visit the Search and Follow up Department, or the aforementioned centers, during the period referred to from 1- 6 pm.

The notice has been published on social media in various languages - Arabic, English, Urdu, Malayalam, Hindi, Sinhala, Tamil, Tagalog, Bangla and Nepali.



Here are some significant tips to ensure that you are legally permitted to live, work, or stay in Qatar and avoid being questioned by the authorities:

▢ Keep a copy of the attested labour contract with you.

▢ Submit all documents to the sponsor to complete the procedures of issuing residence permit.

▢ Care to get the ID card which proves your identity, personal number and your legal stay and always carry your ID card with you.

▢ Adhere to the customs and traditions of this country.

▢ Approach the nearest security department’s office for any help.

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As an employer or sponsor who is outsourcing in Qatar for individuals to come to the country for work and residency, you have duties and responsibilities to fulfill in compliance with the Qatar Residence Law.

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Instructions for the Employers (Individual, Company, or Establishment)

▢ Ensure the recruitment of trained and experienced workers.

▢ Do not employ unnecessary laborers in your firm.

▢ Approach the competent authorities within 30 days from the date of entry of the expatriate into the country to complete the residence permit procedures.

▢ Complete the procedures for residence permit for the workers.

▢ Do not employ workers if you didn't recruit them.

▢ Don't harbor absconded or illegal workers, or don't hide them.

▢ Hand over the passports after getting or renewing residency permits to the workers.

▢ Provide adequate housing for workers.

▢ Process the drafting and documenting of employment contracts.

▢ Report immediately after the absconding of one of the workers you have recruited to the Search and Follow-up Department.

▢ Take note that noble behavior has many positive effects, especially at the family level.

▢ Approach the competent government agencies if there is any problem.

Instructions for Sponsors (Individuals, Companies, or Organizations)

▢ Care to bring employees only according to your requirements.

▢ Care to recruit only trained and experienced employees.

▢  Provide suitable accommodation for your employees.

▢ Provide safety tools at the premises of workplaces and accommodation of your employees.

▢ Write down a work contract between you and the employee to define the obligations and duties and attest it.

▢ Arrange work permit for your employee within the grace period.

▢ Renew the residence visa of your employee on time.

▢ Don’t allow anybody outside your sponsorship to work with you.

▢ Don’t lodge or veil any illegal labour with you.

▢ Renew your company’s license.

▢ Arrange a health insurance card for your employee to help you provide him with medical services.

▢ Arrange health certificates for the employees working in the fields of foods and beverages.

▢ Pay the dues / gratuities for your employee on time.

▢ Adhere to the clauses of the labour contract.

▢ Inform the concerned department as soon as your employee absconded.

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