How The 999 Emergency Services Assist Expats With Jobs In Qatar

On 29 Nov 2021

How The 999 Emergency Services Assist Expats With Jobs In Qatar

Qatar’s Emergency Service 999 is used in the country by first responders to discern who is in need of immediate, urgent care.

Citizens, residents, and expats with jobs in Qatar receive immediate assistance from the  service line that is manned in shifts and around the clock by highly trained personnel of the Ministry of Interior (MoI). 

How Qatar’s Emergency Services Assist Expats?

The service is for emergency purposes such as ambulance, police, fire, and rescue. Anyone, including expats, will be accommodated when using it.

Once a caller dials 999, they are put through to the most appropriate service for their needs. 

This may be one of Hamad Medical Corporation's professional emergency medical dispatchers, who are the initial point of contact for getting an ambulance to an ill patient.

Patients who arrive for treatment at Hamad General’s emergency department are then assessed and prioritized for treatment according to their condition. 

The State ensures the safety of the people and the properties as possible, tries to control and get out of the crises with the minimum loss possible and as quickly and efficiently as required.

The Emergency Services 999

Emergency service (999) receives hundreds of calls daily with various emergency requests.

When you call the Emergency Services Number (999), your cooperation with the staff is needed to reach you at the required speed through the following actions:

• Keep calm and do not panic.

• Emergency service (999) is only for emergency purposes.

• Remember your home address when you call the number (999), including the zone, street, and the house or building number and clearly defining your geographical location helps the patrols to reach you within a record time.

The employees working in the Emergency Services Section are from the military and civil personnel (including male and female employees). There are a number of professional translators who receive reports and complaints in several languages, including:

- English

- French

- Filipino

- Urdu

- Farsi

- Pashto

- Bengali

People with hearing disability can contact 992 for emergency services either by video call, SMS, or email to

Remember, this service is for emergency purposes such as ambulance, police, fire and rescue. Don't engage it with non-emergency inquiries.

NOTE: There are display screens to evaluate and follow up the performance for each call recorded.

The Emergency Services Section is considered as the first responder and the link between the public and the security departments represented by:

- Emergency Police "Al Fazaa"

- Traffic Department

- Civil Defense

- Coasts and Borders Security Department

- Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya)

- Ambulance Service

- Other related authorities

Functions of the Section

1. The Section receives calls, reports and complaints of various accidents around the clock and immediately refers them to the competent authorities.

2. Transferring all emergency reports and complaints to the Operations Section of the Department to take the necessary actions towards them.

3. Receiving emergency calls from people with hearing disabilities (deaf) through video systems, short messages (SMS), email and dealing with them, as well as providing necessary help.

The section has three branches:

1. Emergency Call Branch (999).

2. Quality Improvement Office.

3. Deaf Emergency Service Branch (992).

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Awareness Tips

• Always remember that your assistance to emergency call receivers (999) accelerates the provision of services that require rapid response and police intervention.

• Please help those in an emergency who wish to call the emergency services number (999) by not making the line busy with non-emergency calls.

• When you call the number (999) to report a minor problem, do not repeat the call for the same purpose, and make sure that the necessary action has been taken since the first call itself.

• Children's tampering with the emergency services number (999) constitutes a great annoyance for service staff and causes delays in service delivery for those requesting it in the required time.

• Do not hesitate and immediately call (999) in emergency cases.

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Here are the other important numbers in Qatar to remember for your future reference:

• Police/Ambulance/Fire - 999

• Electricity and Water - 991

• Telephone Book - 180

• Emergency for people with hearing disability - 992

• Metrash2 & MOI e-Services - 2342000

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