How Much Is A Decent And Fair Salary Package In Qatar?

On 23 Mar 2021

How Much Is A Decent And Fair Salary Package In Qatar?

Relocating or finding a new job in Qatar is a pivotal moment in life as many across the globe would want to come and reside in this beautiful country. Therefore, what is a good salary package in Qatar and is it very costly to stay in this country?

As of last year, Qatar is the 31st most expensive country in the world. Hence to stay in this country, a pretty good deal is required. It also depends on your particular situation weather you stay alone or with family. Let us discuss some of the common and fair salary packages in Qatar.

For a single person who has none (family including children or spouse) to depend on him or her in relation to financial matters 8,000 – 9,000 QAR is a very good basic salary. Even if the individual gets 6,500 QAR or accommodation provided is also a pretty good package as the cost of rent is covered in it. Another package deal includes 1,500 QAR for transportation (consists of health care coverage, and furniture allowance as well as flight tickets to your native).

For those couple who lives together with one child or no children, 10000 QAR is an average salary so that their significant other can totally depend on them. This also includes 6,500 QAR for housing allowance and 1,500 QAR for transportation allowance. This package must also include:

Your package should also include a furniture allowance, health and Medical Coverage, free flight tickets to your home country each year for at least yourself, spouse, and three children. And if your child is a student in a school, you may have to subsidy on their education. Another advantage of having jobs in Qatar with these benefits is that it will allow you to live in average 2-bedroom apartment with a decent lifestyle and also allows you to save some money every month. However, that amount totally depends on the way you want to spend it.

Living in a villa is something very luxurious yet desirable by many as to have a good and comfortable lifestyle. In order to equip yourself with such a facility, you must earn a basic salary of 15,000 QAR that includes at least an amount of 12,000 QAR for housing allowance and 1,500 QAR for transportation.

If you are eligible for all the above-mentioned benefits, then it is sufficient to lead you into a very comfortable lifestyle you dreamt about with some money to save at the end. 

Now for those who wants to live in a fairly lavish style with a large posh villa also can do so by having high salary jobs in Qatar when they meet the minimum requirement of having at least 30,000 QAR. This includes an amount of at least 25,000 QAR for housing allowance (commonly at this level housing is provided). Transportation allowance amounting up to 2,000 to 3,000 QAR is required at this stage. All the required benefits plus fully subsidized education at some notable schools including Qatar Academy is provided at this level. Also, free private health care and other free utilities are available.

Rents in Qatar are always fluctuating so make sure to regularly check the classified section and there you can view apartments at your budgets.


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