Essential Tips To Get A Job In Qatar

On 28 Mar 2021

Essential Tips To Get A Job In Qatar

Acquiring a job in Qatar could be a strenuous process even if its for a professional individuals and skilful graduates. But here are some essential tips you can follow to ensure that you land in the right direction of your career.

If you’re a fresh graduate or an experienced employee wanting to find jobs and relocate to Qatar, the below mentioned essential tips can be helpful in getting the right position.

Qatar is one of the developed countries in the world offering more opportunities for experienced individuals and graduates, but the recruitment process is different to that of western countries and comprehending it will make your job search a lot more easier.

The most significant thing to remember when hunting for job opportunities in the region is that you are giving yourself away to the employer; therefore you have to make yourself a valuable asset that will be a vital addition to their firm.

Hunting for Job

There are many ways to find your dream job in this vibrant country and all of the depends on your essential skills and experiences.

Organisation’s website – Majority of the firms have a careers section on their website. That is the very first thing that you must look for when hunting for a job as the positions or vacancies available are listed there along with requirements and application processes.

This refines your search and minimizes the risk of job scams. You can also find all the information regarding the job and contact the companies directly.

Network – Whenever you meet or contact a person - you are networking. Build a network of people that you know could hire you for the position.

Ensure to never look outside your circle when hunting for a new position. A person that you already know could be an asset when you are looking for employment. They could be someone that works for the company that you are interested in who can get you the relevant phone number or email address of the person that is in charge of recruiting or they could forward your CV onto the relevant person or the hiring team and put in a good word on your behalf.

Cold calling – Note down the basic details of the company like the company name, relevant telephone numbers, and be assertive and stand your ground while giving a call. Request if you could speak to the HR manager. Be friendly but firm and do not let the person on the other end of the line intimidate you. Cold calling is a daunting task but it is effective as many people do not take this initiative and it will give you the perfect opportunity to make a sales pitch and an impression on the person hiring. You will be remembered and considered when your CV lands in their inbox.

Recruitment agencies – most of the companies hire recruitment agencies in Qatar to find the most qualified and right candidates for the position they require. These are more often than not high end jobs providing management and executive positions. The agency then makes a list of the right candidates suitable for the company accordingly.

Also ensure to beware of job scams. Just because the region is relatively crime free, it does not guarantee that scam artists are not taking advantage of the people living in Qatar. It is illegal for a recruitment agency of a company to ask you to pay a monetary fee.

Recruitment agents are hired by companies and never by individuals. It is their job to sell you to the company, not to sell the company to you. There are many ways that these scam operations can fool even the most educated job candidates. Do not fall into the trap of paying for anything during the recruitment process, there are no such things as ‘under the table deals’ with regards to legitimate employment opportunities.

Once you have finished the application process all you can do is wait to be called to an interview. If you are living overseas the company could fly you in, all expenses paid, for the interview or you could be sent to a local office. Of course this all depends on the job that you have applied for.

It is illegal for an employer or a recruiter to ask you for any money with regards to visas, they are financially responsible for your residency visa or work permit. Do not give anyone any money for the opportunity to get a job as this is neither a legal nor is it a common practice in the country.

Remember - if you have any questions or enquiries about living in Qatar or finding jobs, make sure to approach the appropriate staffing solutions in Qatar as they can help you in hunting for jobs and can lighten you with proper guidance.


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