How To Follow Up With Prospective Recruiters In Qatar After The Job Interview

On 15 Apr 2021

How To Follow Up With Prospective Recruiters In Qatar After The Job Interview

It is quite complicated or challenging for many people to find the best way to follow up after an interview is over in order to get know the outcome.

After the interview gets over, it can be an anxious wait or time period to know if we have been selected or not.

As the saying goes patience is the key to success, various questions ponder us as to how much we need to look forward and wait for the result as we might be in desperate need for a job in Qatar.

Hence, the right way to overcome these challenges and stress is nothing but follow-up the right person or individuals.

According to a survey, When HR managers were asked the question how long must a prospective candidate seeking jobs wait to follow up with the hiring manager? This is what the results showed:

19% of HR managers thinks it should be done less than a week, 43% said that it must ideally be from one to less than two weeks, 30% said that it must be between two to less than three weeks & merely 8% said that the prospective candidate seeking job must not follow up at all.

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss some of the right methods to follow up after an interview.

• Email

Email is considered as one of the professional methods of communicating. A follow-up email also includes in this which must be the top priority where a job seeker must reach out to their interviewer. 

The ideal way to follow up a recruiter in Doha after the interview gets over is typically within few weeks and not more that 30 days. 

You can also follow-up just like effective answer derived from the survey i.e., less than two weeks. 

Here are some of the thing to remind ourselves while writing a follow-up email.

1. Make it clear 

A follow up interview is generally written in two or three lines and not more than that. It should be precise and clear while writing the purpose of the follow-up email.

Ensure to write the interview date and job role you have given interview for and kindly ask the status of the same. Avoid writing long sentences and making it complicated for the employers. 

Also reply back as a continuous from their previous email as it will help the prospective employers to identify you and the role. 

2. Proofread

As Emailing them is a formal way to follow-up, you cannot make any mistakes in terms of grammar or spelling. Check properly and read thoroughly before sending it out.

3. Thank the recruiter

The formal interview must always start with a thank you to give a good impression. You can thank them for their time and for considering you for this position. Write this briefly in one line and make your email clear.

• Phone

Telephoning your prospective employers is one of the most commonly used way to communicate your need as you will get the result very soon then and there.

Most of the candidates will find this the best way as they can save time and it is one of the convenient ways to do so.

Calling them to follow-up is generally advised to be done in not more than two weeks after your interview finishes. But most of the candidates and job hunters have no idea what to say while following up through phone. Here is some of the tips you can use while dialing the prospective employers.

1. Be Kind & gentle while speaking.

2. Make it clear and pinpoint your precise need.

3. Don’t show a rush speak clear.

4. Don’t ask for an immediate outcome.

5. Do not show your frustration in case rejected.

6. Request feedback on your interview.

7. Thank them for the time after talking on phone.

• Meeting employers directly 

This is quite not an option many job hunters would do to go all the way to the office and ask for the result. However, this is also a choice to consider if possible and some of job hunters would definitely opt for this as they are convenient this way rather than a mere email or telephone.

As you talk to them in person, you can certainly mention the interview date and role you took the interview for. 

Hiring in Qatar is a vital and challenging process for many recruiters, so ensure to be precise and make things clear while talking in person. 

According to another survey that was conducted, 46% of hiring managers said that following up via mail is the best way, 39% of managers says that a phone call could be an ideal way to follow up while merely 7% managers thought that meeting in person is the better way to follow-up after the interview is done.

As you start your search engine for a follow-up method, it is totally up to you to go with a definite method. 

Keeping all the above mentioned in mind, it's up to each individual to select the best way to reach out to a recruiting manager after interview gets over. 


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