Top Reasons Why You May Get Blacklisted From Applying For New Jobs In Qatar

On 21 Sep 2021

Top Reasons Why You May Get Blacklisted From Applying For New Jobs In Qatar

If any expatriate is blacklisted for their involvement in any criminal activity then as per legal policies, they cannot enter Qatar and any of the Gulf States. 

According to a news report from Arab Times, the GCC countries including Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have started implementing travel bans for any expatriate booked for any criminal offense from entering their territories and applying for new jobs.

This law is a part of the GCC security act. Moreover, the country which deports such expats would have the right to take their fingerprints and circulate and share them with the other GCC countries so as to protect the Gulf countries from any hazard.

The offenses that can lead to the expats being deported can be summarized as follows;

• Criminal Cases

• Civil Cases

• Moral Cases

• Labor Cases

The most common causes of expat deportation are labor cases usually caused by employees’ dishonesty, fraud, or theft. These cases result in getting the violators banned from the GCC countries.

The following are violations blacklisted by the GCC region and are applicable to all expats:

• Any bank or company loan, debts or unpaid credit card bills.

• Any criminal offence such as robbery, theft, embezzlement etc.

• Any contagious, infectious disease such as HIV, AIDS, HEPA etc.

• Any false documents or incorrect information such as Marriage certificate, diploma, employment certificates or PRC cards.

• Any illegal activities such as gambling, lotto and lottery.

• Immoral activities such as prostitution, adultery, soliciting sex, prostitution and other immoral behaviors that are against the law. Possession of pornographic content, even being caught with a boyfriend or girlfriend can lead to deportation.

• Manufacturing and selling alcohol or selling liquor and other alcoholic beverages.

• Bribery, corruption, having a fake driver’s license.

Financial crimes

If you have unpaid loans or financial commitments you won’t be able to cancel your residence permit, and may find yourself subject to a travel ban which will prevent you from leaving Qatar including to go on holiday. All debts should be settled in full before you leave the country, ask your bank for a certificate to confirm you have no outstanding debt once you have cleared the balance.

Equally, you may find that there is a block on your sponsorship which will prevent you from transferring to a new sponsor (employer) and any end of service benefits you may be entitled to could be used to offset the outstanding debt.

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When are you banned from travelling outside the State of Qatar?

You are banned from travelling outside Qatar if you are accused in a criminal case (check without balance - treason and other criminal offenses) if the Public Prosecution or the Court decides to ban you from traveling in relation to this case, According to the Workers' Rights Booklet by the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC).

Or if a civil lawsuit has been brought against you (such as claims for civil debt as a result of bank loans), and a decision is taken by the court - at the request of the plaintiff - to prevent you from travelling.

However, a deportation order may be issued if that public interest necessitates that, despite the existence of the civil lawsuit. You may appeal against the travel ban in a civil case against you in court if you have deposited the claimed amount of the debt or have provided adequate guarantee for that.

Guide for Checking Travel Ban in Qatar

Despite the fact that Qatar recently established a new labour law, a few things, like travel bans, still exist. A travel ban is typically set on people who have criminal/ civil evidence against them. 

In case that one is willing to leave the nation and feels that he/she may have a travel bancircular set up, this is the way by which they can officially check it. In case one have a travel ban, he/she ought to settle it with competent authorities inside the nation before leaving the country. 

Here is the step-by-step process to follow when enquiring about travel bans:

1. Go to and login utilizing your smart card. 

2. Select the required transaction type (personal for smart card owner or organization name for authorized individual). 

3. Click on 'General Services,' then select 'Inquire About Travel Ban.' 

4. Utilize the page 'List of Travel Ban Circulars' to see the circular recorded on your ID number and the commanding entities. 

5. After signing in the services, the framework will demonstrate a list of travel ban circulars (in case any exists). 

6. In the event of no recorded circular, the framework will show a message expressing so. 

7. Logout from the services.

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Can you remove the travel ban imposed on you?

If you have a travel ban, you can apply to lift this ban via the Public Prosecution portal. You or your legal representative can apply online at the criminal affairs department of the portal's section on public services. You will need to fill out forms and attach documents to complete the process.

You may also request for Cancellation of Travel Ban on a petition so that the court can look into it further through Al Mahakem E-Services Portal.

For more legal information, visit Hukoomi – Qatar’s e-Government portal.

Keep yourself from getting blacklisted by avoiding the above mentioned grounds for deportation and travel ban. In this way, you will be able to freely apply for jobs in Qatar and transfer to a new sponsor.

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