What If Your Resignation Is Not Accepted? – Guide To Changing Jobs In Qatar

On 29 Sep 2021

What If Your Resignation Is Not Accepted? – Guide To Changing Jobs In Qatar

Can you resign from your current job in Qatar? Yes, you can. 

However, you must ensure compliance with the requirements around notice periods provided for under the Labour Law. How does this work? Read the guidelines below:

To terminate an employment contract and change jobs in Qatar, you must provide:

• One (1) month written notice if you have worked with the employer for two (2) years or less

• two (2) months notice if you have worked with the employer for over two (2) years

How to notify your employer if you’re changing/leaving your job? Read this Qatar Resignation Process guide for your reference.

Note: The employer should continue to pay the wage and other benefits to the worker during the notice period, as per the employment contract.

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But, what if your employer refuses to accept your resignation?

According to the Qatari labour law, the employee is not at fault if the employer does not acknowledge his resignation. The worker is entitled as long as he has submitted a resignation that fulfils the criteria of the notice period mentioned in the employment contract.

If the current employer rejects his employee’s resignation despite being given the required written notice prior, he may turn to the Ministry of Administrative Development Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) to file a case.

If your employer refuses to sign your resignation letter, try to send it as an email to his/her official email address and attach the screenshot of the email. Make sure that the date, email address, and content should be clearly shown in the screenshot.

Note: This is not an official instruction but has worked for many people.

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Is employer’s approval required when filing a resignation?

Acceptance of the resignation by the employer is NOT required. The basic requirement is that a termination requires communication to the employer of the fact that the contract is terminated and no longer valid.

When terminating an employment contract, it is a requirement of the party giving notice to give the other party the appropriate period of notice as required under Labour Law.

As per Article 49 of the Labour Law the employment of an employee, if he is employed for an indefinite term, may be terminated by either the employer or the employee giving written notice to the other. No reason for such termination will need to be given by the party serving notice.

What should I do if my current employer is preventing me from moving to another employer?

If you feel that your current employer is unfairly preventing you from changing jobs or if you need more information, contact MADLSA hotline 16008, by email (, or visit its offices.

Does an employer have to pay for the return flight ticket of the worker upon termination?

Article 57 stipulates that upon termination the employer shall repatriate the employee within a period not exceeding two weeks from the expiry date of the contract. 

The employer must complete the worker’s repatriation procedures, including bearing the cost of a return air ticket, to his/her country of residence within a maximum of two weeks from contract expiration. If the worker joins another employer before leaving the country, the repatriation obligation shall be incumbent upon the new employer.

In cases where the worker terminates the employment contract prior to its end and plans to leave Qatar while respecting the notice period (outside of the scope of amended Article 51 of the Labour Law), the employer shall cover part of the cost of the return air ticket proportional to the actual employment duration the worker completed out of the full term of the employment contract.

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