Ministry Takes Action Against 314 Companies For Delayed Workers' Salaries: Recruitment In Qatar

On 02 Dec 2021

Ministry Takes Action Against 314 Companies For Delayed Workers' Salaries: Recruitment In Qatar

A total of 314 companies have been referred to competent authorities for violating Qatar Labour law.

The Ministry of Labour referred 314 companies to the competent authorities, for violating labour laws, during the period from October 1 to November 15, 2021.

The Ministry stated that the violating companies operate in the construction and public services sector.

The reason for the violations is companies' failure to comply with Article No. 66 of the Labour Law, promulgated by Law No. 14 of 2004, as amended by Law No. 1 of 2015, due to delays or non-compliance with paying the salaries and wages of expatriate workers.

The ministry is keen to guarantee the rights of expatriate workers in terms of financial obligations. It continues to administer its inspection and quality campaigns for employers in order to monitor their compliance with these laws.

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If you are an employer or a business proprietor in Qatar, this guide about national laws on labour (Qatar Labour Act No. 3 of 1962*), which is focused on wages.

Chapter 5- WAGES 

Section 28:

Without violating the provisions of section 15, subsection 1, the employer and the worker cannot agree on a base wage less than the minimum wage level determined by a decree from the Amir. *

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Section 29:

1) Wages shall be paid in the official currency of Qatar. It may also be paid in any other currency in accordance with the Government financial system if this was agreed upon in writing between the employer and the worker.

2) Annually or monthly paid workers must be paid at least once a month. It may be deposited for the worker in his account at a bank, in accordance with a written agreement between both parties, or to a representative delegated to a worker in writing. If a worker is a minor, his wages may be paid to his legal guardian, or to his closest relative who is of legal age, provided that the said guardian or relative submits a written application to that effect to the employer.

Section 30:

When the employer ends the employment of the worker prior to the end of the work contract, or at the end of the contract duration, or when the worker submits a notice to the employer as stated in section 18, the employer shall pay the worker his wages and any other sums due to him, prior to the end of the next working day.

If, however, the worker left the job without submitting the legal notice referred to above, his wages and other benefits may be paid to him within seven days of his leaving his employment.

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Section 31:

The employer shall pay the worker prior to his annual leave all due wages for work performed as of the day he takes said leave, plus the wages due for the leave in accordance with the provisions of section 47 of this Act.

Section 32:

The worker shall not be forced to buy food or goods from certain stores or from the product of the employer.

Section 33:

1) Except for amounts approved to be deducted by the Minister of Labour in accordance with section 72, no part of the worker's wages shall be deducted or withheld unless it is for the implementation of a court order or in accordance with an agreement with the worker.

2) In the case of withholding payments for the implementation of a court order, it must be for the payment of a legal debt with priority over other debts. The total amount withheld from the indebted worker shall not exceed 35% of his wages.

3) The employer shall not charge interest on any amount he loans to the worker. Also the employer shall not withhold more than 10% from the worker's wages for repayment of a loan given to the worker by the employer, unless a written agreement between both of them states otherwise. In any case the maximum amount withheld shall not exceed 35% of the worker's wages.

Section 34:

Amounts due to the worker for the end of service compensation or for compensation due to disability or death, or for wages during normal vacations or sick leaves based on the base wage plus a cost of living allowance, if any, shall be paid on the date said amounts are due. If the worker's wages are based on pieces produced, the base for calculating wages shall be the mean of the worker's wages, plus the cost of living allowance, if any, during three months prior to the date these amounts are due.

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