How To Obtain The Best-possible Outcome After A Job Interview

On 23 Mar 2021

How To Obtain The Best-possible Outcome After A Job Interview

Job-hunting is a vital part of one’s life. But happiness comes our way when an interview is scheduled especially for jobs in Qatar. However, anxiety hits us hard having the thoughts if we will succeed in it or not. So how do we obtain the best outcome in an interview is the possible question that arises in our mind. Here are few points one must do before, after and during the interview in order to thrive through.

Before the interview

1. Research about the company

One of the first major step before stepping into any interview is to know what type of firm it is and what are their main focus. By exploring facts about the company, you will have insights and overview of what your role could be and how it will benefit you and the company at the same time. Browsing about the organisation and keeping yourself updated with their events or projects is an essential requirement to let the interviewers know about your interest with the group if asked.

Finding their potential employees through social medias such as Linkedln is also a beneficial method of knowing about their company and comprehending your contribution to the firm.

2. Marketing your experiences and skills

The common successful outcomes seen in all the interviews world-wide is when they are all set to share insights into their work, experiences, skills and commitment. This must be done in prior to your interview by making note or highlighting in order to share straight away to make a good impression to your interviewers about the goal and adroitness you have. This must be well-prepared in advance so that you may not stumble during a tough question regarding what you can contribute to the team.

These notes or stories about your skills exhibits your personality, attributes and will make it very lively and engaging to your interviewers.

3. Write down questions

All the recruiters or interviewers will want you to ask them certain questions about the role or company so that they know your interest and commitment for their organisation. This comes as a must-required and additional point that will help you in becoming successful in the interview and getting where you dreamt about. Hence, saying a direct “no” if asked for any questions, is not advisable. 

We know how hard it could be to get jobs in Doha and it may get even harder with tough interviews but by stating further questions, it gives solid evidence to let your interviewers know that you have done some serious research and homework and reflects the dedicational personality.

4. Attire for interview 

Although you may excel in confidently speaking about your portfolios and skills, it is equally important to impress and excel well in the interview by wearing an apropriate outfit. It is not about how expensive or rich you look outwardly, it is all about how clean and fit you are by presenting yourself for the interview.

Always choose the night before your interview on what you will wear during the interview so that you may avoid any last-minute rush if it’s not ironed or washed properly. 

5. Bringing the required documents

Every company will require you to have a mandatory CV or resume when you come before recruiter in Doha. You may have already sent your CV to the relevant organisation while applying via email, company website, Linkedln or any other job website. But it is always essential to carry the copies in order to make the rightful impression that you have come to a job interview. 

Bringing work portfolios, evidence of experiences and skills, passport, visa and other related documents must be brought in line with the company’s requirement but always ensure that copies of CV is handy and with you all the time.

6. Arriving on time

Part of the Interview is also to give a good impression on your arrival at the scheduled time. Even a minute late for your scheduled interview will make a bad impression and your chances of getting the opportunity to work will drop as late comers are not entertained in any interviews. Showing up way too early is also not advisable as it may confuse the interviewers if they have other candidates. 

Preparing your travel accordingly and plan to reach at least 10-15 minutes prior to your interview time as this is the best way of showing your punctuality. Even if you come early, do wait outside until 15minutes before your interview time.

During the interview

1. Positive mind-set

The best-possible outcome of an interview is to stay positive at all times. Being noxious or nervous is understandable but to get your foot into the firm, it is crucial to practice positivity so that the hiring chances just because of your attitude stands way high. Even when you are asked to adjust yourself to working during weekends, lowering the grade etc. Respond positively on how you can be the best to your firm and can contribute the rightful to the respective company. 

A good body language is also one of the key requirements of a positive mind-set. Looking always at the interviewer’s eyes and giving a smile helps. Do not look anywhere else while you are questioned or giving answers.

2. Being natural and sealing the deal

 The primary essentiality one must understand is to convey your skills, work portfolio and about yourself by being yourself. The natural way of conversation helps in every way and we do not have to be tensed about anything or exaggerate because employers need to see our natural appearances and integrity. 

As the interview comes to an end after the relevant questions and answers, convey your gratitude for his or her time and ask when can you expect to hear about a response soon or what is the best way to follow up about the outcome.

After the interview

1. Noting significant information

After the interview gets over, take time in noting down any significant information like names of the interviewers, impressions, any more questions and key things learned or can improve. 

If there is anything guaranteed by the interviewer to give you, note it down too so that you can remind them when the time comes.

2. Conveying your gratitude

Take your time in following up regarding the interview if you have not heard for a while. This can be with a handwritten or expressing much concern and thankfulness via email to the designated recruiters by expressing your firmness to the role and how fit you are to work.

This will certainly give a good impression and you will be considered because of the kind gesture shown even after few days of the interview.


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