All You Need To Know About Qatar Employment Leave Policies

On 07 Apr 2021

All You Need To Know About Qatar Employment Leave Policies

Prior to accepting a job offer, outsourcing in Qatar recruiters or human resource officers, will usually let you know about their company leave policies as part of their compensation and benefits. 

You will learn the differences among sick, annual, and vacation leaves. You will also be informed if they are paid or unpaid. Apart from these, you will have the knowledge on the dates of holidays and the rest days you are entitled.

Here are some helpful information on leave policies and non-working holidays in Qatar according to the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) Employee’s Handbook and the Qatar Labour Law:

What are the official holidays and are they paid for?

A full-time leave is payable annually as follows:

- Three (3) days on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

- Three (3) days on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.

- One (1) day marking the national day 18/12 each year.

- Three days (3) set by the employer.

- If the working conditions require that you work in any of these holidays, you must be compensated for that.

How long is your annual vacation?

Your annual paid leave is as follows:

- Three (3) weeks if your period of service is less than five years.

- Four (4) weeks if your term of service is five years or more.

- Your leave for fractions of the year is calculated as per the amount of time spent in service, for example:

- If you still have six (6) months ahead of your annual leave, you can get half of your vacation.

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Can you postpone your vacation to next year?

Your employer shall determine your annual leave according to the requirements of the work, and he may, with your consent, split the leave, provided that each split section does not ex- ceed two weeks.

Your employer may also postpone half of the annual leave to the year following the year of entitlement, at a written request of you.

You may not relinquish your right to the annual leave.

A cash allowance equivalent to the wage payable in lieu of leave may be obtained.

If your employment contract is terminated before you enjoy the leave, you must be paid a cash allowance equivalent to your salary on the days of leave due.

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What is the due date for payment of your annual leave?

The employer is obliged to pay the worker the wage due for the leave before the worker takes leave.


What are the rules of sick leave?

This leave shall be granted only after three months from the date of first joining the work.

Proof of illness shall be by a medical certificate from a doctor approved by the employer.

You shall get full pay if the sick leave does not exceed two weeks.

If the leave extends more than two weeks, you shall get half your wage for another four weeks.

If the leave extends more than the period mentioned in the previous paragraph, leave will be unpaid, until you return to resume work or resign or terminate your service for health reasons.

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