Interview Body Language Do's And Don’ts When Applying For Jobs In Doha

On 13 Apr 2021

Interview Body Language Do's And Don’ts When Applying For Jobs In Doha

Studies say a person gets judged in the very first 7 seconds of the interview. The same is true when going for a job interview in Doha, first impressions do matter and in some cases, they matter the most.

Most recruiters in staffing recruitment in Qatar, believe that an applicant’s body language during an interview reflects his/her personality. It accounts for a staggering 55% of his/her overall communication.

As an applicant, how will you monitor your body movements to relay the right message to the interviewer? Read these do’s and don’ts guidelines to nail your next job interview:


Enter confidently.

A recruiter in Doha will usually observe you from the beginning and notice all the changes in you in your meeting. So, here’s what you need to do:

- Come to the interview area confidently

- Don’t be too nervous

- Breathe deeply to calm yourself


Show up as over confident.

Overconfidence is a big no-no when it comes to job interviews. Check out these tips to avoid looking negative and arrogant:

- Don’t interrupt the recruiters believing that you know the company better than them.

- Be polite

- Stay humble

- Use your curiosity reasonably.


Give the interviewer a firm handshake.

If you handshake with the interviewer firmly, this will make him/her feel your enthusiasm and confidence. It will also make them confident about your self-assured personality. But, remember: Learn to let go of your handshaking at the right time. Don’t put too much pressure as it can make you look aggressive.


Make a loose handshake.

If you give the interviewer a weak handshake, it might show your lack of confidence and enthusiasm. To look active and confident, try and mirror the handshake of your interviewer.


Sit straight.

For you to give an impression that you are interested in what the interview is speaking, remember these pointers:

- Keep your back straight (but not too stiff)

- Maintain your posture in such a way that your legs are firmly placed

- Lean in towards the interviewer to show that you are actively listening


Slouch or bend too much.

It is awkward and annoying if you behave as a lazy candidate. So, before you come to an  interview, don’t lean outwards too much or keep your shoulders bent.


Maintain eye contact.

Having a job interview is a rare chance so make the most of it by keeping an eye contact with the interviewer. It is important that you look directly in his/her eyes of the person while he/she is asking you questions.

If it is a panel interview, make eye contact with every panellist. This will make you look confident and convincing. Remember: The average time period should be 10-12 seconds. You may also look at their nose for a few seconds instead, if you get nervous.


Stare blankly.

Stay focused on the interview but don’t stare blankly. For example: If you continue to maintain eye contact for more than 15 seconds, it will make your interviewer uncomfortable. Moreover, if you look around the interview section, you will appear distracted. Know the difference between eye contact and staring.



Yes, it is necessary to take questions seriously while in an interview. But, it is also important to show them the light side of you. Smile and make them see your pleasant and agreeable persona. This will make you look less nervous, so it is a bonus! After all, the recruitment company in Qatar panel never wants someone who is grim and grumpy.


Play with objects.

Avoid doing the following as these actions look gross and interviewers would definitely be irritated with them:

- clicking the pen repeatedly

- adjusting your hair too often

- touching your nose all the time

If any of the above is your habit then you should seriously practice some ways to stop it. You are coming to the interview to impress them, not annoy them.


Pay attention to your hands.

When you are in a job interview, your hand gestures also count. What to do with them to keep proper posture? Check these out:

- Your hands should not ever come in between the direct line of vision between you and the interviewer.

- Close them to form a fist.

- Refrain from fidgeting or bending your knuckles.

- Focus on making gestures with hands (if that is not possible, then start taking notes. This will not let your hands be idle and won’t attract any undue attention).


Frequently fidgeting or drumming your fingers on the table.

Your interview must start and end smoothly, so avoid any distractions. Changing the position of your hands, legs, or even fingers are signs of restlessness. They may affect everyone around you, so try to keep your composure intact.


Keep your phone on silent/flight mode.

Most importantly, stop checking your phone as this will make the interview think you are distracted and not serious on your appointment. Make sure that you set your phone on silent or flight mode so it will not disrupt your meeting. Remember: It is better to carry a pen in your pocket so you will be ready to take notes if necessary.


Refrain from doing unnecessary things.

Maintaining the decorum of your interview is a thumb rule in a recruitment process. Keep yourself away from doing the following:

- Chewing a gum

- checking the time on your phone

-  taking a call

- trying to be over friendly or personal like giving a hug to the interviewer.

For more tips on what to avoid doing the interview, read this article: 12 Things NOT to Do During Job Interviews


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